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My Gte Coupe (Barn Find)


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Hello all,

Bought this Manta in 2004 as a future project......it's a 86,000 mile 1 owner GTE Coupe with a full Opel service history. After lying in my garage for the last 6 years, the restoration is underway. I'm not rebuilding it to concourse, but as a 'weekender'!

Here's the story so far. Enjoy;

Presumably the last time it was on the road?


This is me picking it up back in 2004.....in Essex (I drove from Glasgow, collected it and drove straight home - 730miles!)


The inside suffered after years being cooked up in a barn!


And so, the journey back to Scotland begins


We had some fun on the long drive home!


6 years on (Feb 2010) I've started stripping it


Out comes the anchor!!! (to make way for the red top)



The dreaded welding!!! (the front end was pretty decent, the rear had suffered though) This is one the N/S/F chassis leg


Out comes the spare wheel well (new one sourced from Dr Manta)


And a new wheel arch


And of course a real valance


Thanks to Chris & Alan for helping with the welding!!



and of course Stu for helping strip the car (sorry Stu, it's the only pic I could find!!)


Front suspension & steering refurbished (new ball joints, bushes etc) and back together


Entire floorpan wire brushed and body schutz


Front brake upgrade (Carlton 2.2 vented disks & Cavalier GSi calipers)


And off it goes to the paint shop (Saturday 24th April)


I'n not expecting it back for a month or so, that'll give me time to start the Red top rebuild. Standby for pic's!

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I love threads like this!! thumbsup.gif

Great work so far, and i'll watch this with interest!

What colour? Keeping it White or fancy a change?

Kepping it Polar White. For me, it was my favourite Manta - the GTE Coupe in white (except 200's & 400's of course!) Keeping the std Ronal wheels also, the only change will be the 2.0 XE, twin headlamps, 400 boot spoiler and 200 decals.

Thanks very much for all your comments, they genuinely are appreciated.

I'll keep the pic's coming, although they will slow down as baby nr is due in 6 weeks!!

Thanks again, Gerry

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who,d of thought you would finally get the resto underway!

we have all been at him over the years saying it would never happen.

3 years ago i (naked guy in pics) stripped it for him and then got it all welded,sills and the such like.

got it back and what did he do, put it straight back ih the garage for the next 3 years.

nice to see its finally getting done,but its still no mk2............

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Stripping the block bare allowed it to be cleaned properly - all the years of impregnated oil gone!!

I've now received my new big end & crankshaft bearings, piston rings & oil pump etc, etc ready for the rebuild.


Big Wing sump ready & waiting........


Once I've rebuilt the bottom end, I'll do the same with the head


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While passing yesterday, I dropped into see Kenny my spray painter......see pics below;

Things are looking great, what a difference having just been prepared for paint! He's hoping to have the shell completed for Friday and concentrate on all the panels next week. Assuming all goes to plan, I'll post a few pic's of the painted shell over the weekend.





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Whilst rebuilding my engine I found Nitromors paint stripper a great produce to clean all the black deposits from the engine and parts.

After a liberally coating the inside of the block and all the parts in stripper and agitating with a stiff brush, than washing with cold water all parts came up looking like they had been in a tank of chemical cleaner!

Next stage is to wash the block especially the bores with hot water with added washing power, then blow dry with an air line. Keep at the bores until spotless. Use a white cotton cloth to dry them. If the cloth is still picking up dirt from the bores you need to repeat the washing until the cloth comes out clean.

Paul Holtom

OMOC 412

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thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifIt's back thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

Remember this 4 weeks ago.............


and this..........


Well here it is today, hard to believe it's the same car. The panels are all being painted next week.

(to be honest, the pictures don't do it justice. Had to take them with my phone as my camera was elsewhere. The finish is 1st class!!)




all thanks to Kenny's skill & expertise



Anyone looking for bodywork in Scotland (or anywhere!), I'd highly recommend Kenny. He's painted a number of my cars over the years....my rally car.........


my (old) Cosworth.......


+ others.

His website address is - http://kennylaird.com/

don't just take my word for it, here's another one of his creations........

or just google Kenny Laird for countless other pictures.

Thanks Kenny!

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Nice work GMC :thumbup

Just think about how you'll feel the first time the engine starts on its own accord...

One of the best feelings in the world when an engine starts after a rebuild and the oil pressure is reading as it should. ;):)

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Another couple of pictures taken today......

Comparing the car colour to the wheels, you can see how much the old paint had faded. Need to send the wheels of to the refurbishers!



It'll be a pleasure working in this engine bay


I completed my bottom end rebuild today - new big ends & ARP competition bolts, main bearings, oil pump, water pump & piston rings


Next job, the head!!


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Very nice GMC :thumbup What shade of white did you use? It looks like a 'newer' exclusive white than polar white which is bit more 'creamy' sort of white. The painter has done a brilliant job ;)



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Hi Keith,

Definitely Polar White (E452). I'm sure it'll fade slightly through time, but I agree it's very white - but I love it!!

Price around the £2k mark. Bear in mind that includes the prep work which, as anyone will be aware takes the time. Given the prep required when it went to Kenny, and the finished product, I'm delighted!

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right thumbsup.gif

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not much been happening in the garage recently, all due to a certain young lady being born :) Both mum & baby are well!

Anyway, here's a brief update;

I've now collected all the panels from the paint shop, and they are looking superb!! I know the picture look as though the panels have been thrown into the car but fear not.....they were all carefully placed their for safe keeping while I concentrate on nappy changing for the next few weeks!





Now that the bottom end is rebuilt, I've started on the head



To be on the safe side, I carried out the SBD recommended oil pick up pipe modification


and got the cam cover and timing belt cover powder coated Anthracite Grey. How good does this look.....I love it!!


This may well be the last post for some time, but I will be back!!

Thanks for looking,


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