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2.4 78 Coupe


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How nice to see another early 'B' having some quality work done on it.

Owners of GTE and Exclusive projects must be pulling their hair out after seeing those pics and the quality of the floorpans and chassis rails compared to what they may have.

Good piccies Casper, and good to see you tackling something like this in the space you have there. :thumbup

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As promised heres some more pics and one of it when I picked it up, Work has slowed down a bit cos the garage is like a freezer and when I put the space heater on all the bare metal gets condensation on it and its daft to encourage rot, they dont need any help there, not to worry as my other 76 B is getting a bit of attention, only mods im doing to that are for safety and reliability ive shelved the Pierberg and put on a 32/36 webber, kenlow fan,a pair of mirrors and I had some non opening rear quarters, I was saving them for the 78 but as the 76 is outside at the mo and the fact the others were about to fall out I thought they would be better on there, I' ll just have to keep my eyes open for some more......










I will keep putting more on as things happen now I know how to do it, And post some of my other when i get some......................Casper.:thumbup

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love the work on the coupe !! just wish adam opel had made all his mantas with thick steel !!

i think mine was one of the bolsa wood range they started glueing together in 86/87 you gotta love them !!!

Got to agree cos ive got an 88 doner car and if you go near that with just the slightest bit too much power it goes up like a fly landing in one of those blue light trap thingys........

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Heres a few more pics, The wife isnt impressed at the weight of the wheely bin though, New jacking points are welded in, Floors are sorted, time for the rear arches couldnt find any inners though so ive used Mk2 golf ones as they were the nearest ones that I could find .





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some good work going on there ,:thumbup

and to think i've all that to look forward to lol

Im trying to keep at it cos Im not a body work person and its getting to be a pain in the backside but hey hoe, Dont want to start any mechanicals yet as there would be bits every where......:angry:

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Heres a few more pics, Getting back in the garage now its not like a freezer.............


Found a hole...............:(


Made a bigger hole......................:angry:


A bit of silicone...Sorted :blink:


seam welded then a second plate seamed and plugged, should do it..


All cleaned, I will do the under side when i flip it over to do the other side , now i can start on the arch, weld and grind tommorow, dont want to hack the neighbours off too much...:lol:


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Just a couple more pics, off side wheel arch now done, only major welding left now is the other side, painted all the welds with etch primer just as a temp measure as it will be going for media blasting when its done,

I said i wasnt going to touch the mechanicals but i've started to strip the 2.4 lump for cleaning but the front crank pully nut wont budge, so gave in, going to borrow a more powerfull air gun tomorow,



Theres quite a bit of finishing on the arches to do but not bothered yet as at the moment my main goal is to get the welding done....................:rolleyes:

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Done abit more to the old one, Handling was poor so change all 4 shocks and its transformed it as only 1 rear shock had any kind of damping, Also fitted a kenlow but havent got the temp setting right as its running abit hot, next jobs heater and altenator, Also take a look at my van, not a manta but its a bedford ( part of the VBO family ) its going for spares or scrap at the end of the month so me and my daughter decided to brighten it up.......................



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Done the last wheel arch on the 78 But works had to stop as I need to do a bit on the 76 after a trip to Blackpool the foot wells filled up with water found out today it's coming in from the rear seat belt anchor points so some welding is required I'll put some pictures on when I do it.

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Hello mate,

I didn't realise you had carried out this much restoration work when we talked last Thursday. A lot of the rot looked very familiar from the Ascona resto I did a couple of years back. I don't think it would take that much work to get your red B looking like the one in the picture, The Rostyles would look well banded to 7x13 if the car ran really low suspension. The white car looks like it's taking shape quickly... Keep up the good work Luke

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Heres abit more, found out where the water came from...........................:angry:






I've also sorted the temp issue I've put a later radiator on and replaced the cardboard cover that goes between the nose and radiator now the gauge stops on normal no matter how fast or slow I go,

Will it ever end ..................................:blink:

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