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Mk1 Cavalier


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Ive decided to put this up for sale again as Ive got too much on. Im doing a HB Viva and a Mk1 Escort at the moment so I just dont have the time.

Ive done nothing with it so excuse the copy and paste of the old ad.

MK1 Cavalier 2000 GL Manual 5 speed (SRi130 engine)

1978 T reg

No Tax or Test (Mid build)

Mileage unknown but engine has 75K on

MK1 Cavalier with SRi130 (SEH) Engine running on injection, Manta 1.8 5 speed box and rear axle, Brembo Calipers on Carlton vented discs with braided hoses.

Lowered 60mm on Jamex springs with Spax adjustables, E30 alloys with new 205/50 15 V rated rubber. Astra GTE interior, complete with all parts to finish and spares. Very quick for an old Cav, needs finishing mainly fit roof lining, dash electrics and fit interior properly, few bits of nif naf and last bits and its done.

Needs no welding or paint, 2 bubbles coming through on one arch. Was resprayed in Porsche Guards Red (not orange as it looks) with new Vinyl roof.

Im in Inverurie


Scott 07598238122




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I'm amazed this car cannot find a keeper who wants to keep this car long term. This car is seriously cool and quick! the body and chassis are superb - it's not my cup of tea as I'm a Standard car bloke, but somebody buy it, finish it, use it, and love it!

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If I cant find a buyer I will be finishing it, but Id rather have the space to do my other projects at the minute.

Id hate to see it broken for parts as it is probably worth more in parts, as the car is so solid it would be a real shame! I was planning to repair the sunroof hole and get rid of the Vinyl, I even bought paint for it!


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I really want to buy it, I have almost the same, not Cavalier but Ascona B- with the same set-up.

There is a problem. I am in Bulgaria. I need to pay 550 to get the car to me. I will try to arrange my funds and will contact you.


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Im gutted too, I just hope it does get finished one day longer it goes on more likely it is to be broken :unsure:

Someone please buy it and finish it....or I might have to and that would get me killed to death! :D

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