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Hello From Norway

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hello, my name is Stian, educated as a car painter. i live in norway, so don't count on flawless spelling :P

i im a proud owner of a 1971 manta a 1900 rally. imported from sweeden in 2006. the car was fully restored for about 8 years ago, but some minor things need a little love...

some photos from the previous owner (a friend of mine)




a bought the car witha broken differensial, and i had to replace it, so i bought a lsd and mounted it. i lasted for about 10 minutes, becaus a major crack in the one of the wheels inside.

so i found a original open diff. and mounted that, and its finally working


then i figured that the car needed some new rims, so i found some compomotive cxn's 8*16 F and 9*16 R. the center was silver when i bought them, but i had them painted




next on the menu was yellow headlights( painted with HOK candy)




after a little while i desided to paint the orginale rally stripes.








more to come =)

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it turned out that one of the gaskets around the intake valve on cylinder one was MISSING ?!

so i had the cylinder head machined about 1 mm, also machined the valves and the valve seats. new gaskets all over, new stretch bolts, plugs and ignition system.

the engine has never run this beautiful. a little clamping from the valves, but some minor adjustments are required after a major "surgery" hehe.

sorry, no pics :(

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Hej "nabo" :) Jeg kommer fra Danmark og er også igang med en A´er som dog ikke er så fin som din endnu :) Din er superflot! thumbsup.gif

And for our British friends i just told him his car is stunning and that i too am working on a A series wink.gif

Danish and Norwegian is almost the same laugh.gif

Stian let me know if parts are hard to come by in Norway, i have a friend that makes all sorts of cool stuff in fibreglass for those cars, and i also have some good connections in Germany, even though you car doesn´t look like its in need of anything cool.gif

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