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Manta Frog Lights


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No those items does NOT fit.

You can fit the lights from BMW E34 cars but its not a direct fit. They are also quite heavy units and the best suited frames are the "old" irmscher versions with the steel framing behind the plastic cover. As said they can be fitted but its not a direct fit and you will need to do some work. Its something that easily can be sorted on a saturday, but its not for beginners mate.

Why not get a set of new Cibié lights ? They are not that expensive..

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Most smaller rectangular lights can be made to fit, I added a pair of monza ones to my Mancona here


Also the front black rectangular holes in the front of my 16v coupe were brake vents cut from a rubbish nissan but looked great when trimmed up and bonded in, just have a look around your local scrap yard.. No need to buy new if you don't need to


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garymanc, I was very happy at the moment when I saw this ebay link with lights but I remembered that in my country we have left drive cars and the ray of lights are different. I looked in ebay.de and didn't see that lights. Very thanks for this because it would be easier to find them

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New replacement lamps for all budgets can be found here, i bought the cheaper autopal ones for my summer project and they are great. remember to save the plastic surrounds and mounts off your old ones and have some black sparky's tape handy for when they inevitably crack.


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