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Heavy Steering


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Just after a little input from ant Manta owners, I have done a good amount off miles in my manta and i have found the steering damn heavy and it dosnt get lighter when i am on the move. I have jacked the front of the car up and it is realy light as expected but is it ment to be so heavy on the move.



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i suppose it depends on what you have been used to & may not actually be faulty at all??? however a few things to check

has the suspension been altered / messed with etc from standard

has it ever been built up wrong (top arm spacers in wrong place / top ball joint wrong way round))

is the toe in correct & other geometry

are the tyre pressures correct

does it have a quick rack

does it have wider tyres than standard

my mk1 cavs are very good but steering is lighter with 165x13 tyres than it is with 185/70`s.manta gte`s with 195 tyres will obviously be heavier especially at parking speeds.

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consider yourself lucky whatever problem you have =p my dad owns a R reg series 2 landrover with rediculosly heavy steering especially when parking / moving in the mud...

also the orange victor when your trying to park/ turn around in a small turning circle "phew" your arms do get a work out!

hopefully its down to something simple and easy to fix like tyre pressures "fingers crossed"

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Could be a worn lower uniball bearing. You should check the rubber seal, and maybe replace both sides just to make sure. They tend to slow down steering and eventually squiik a bit when worn. If not attended they will pop ! And you do NOT want this to happen while driving. My brother did this on a A series once. Was only travelling with like 20km/h when it happened and the car still drove directly off the road !

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What Pat said.

If the steering is light when the car is in the air ITIS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RACK AND PINION

The only thing that changes significantly between on the ground and up in the air is the load on the lower ball joints and the friction of the tyres on the ground.

Most peole find then heavy at parking speeds but fine at normal speeds.

However, if you go from driving a Manta to a power assisted car for a few months back to a Manta you need about a week or so of daily use to build up your arms and chest muscles, If you have never driven an unassisted car in your life you probably will think it is hard work for longer.

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