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Alternator Bracket Ideas That Dont Involve Welding!


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Ok im fitting a bigger alternator 70a off of a Frontera.

Problem: Current bracket to short (see pic) im told Monza 3.0 (and maybe other 3.0 straight 6 engines) use a threaded adjuster. But i cant find pics or part numbers of bar and contacted GM6 spares who say that they use a bar but they dont have time to go and look for one?

Any other ideas? i looked at generic alternator adjusters but dont know what the Monza one looks like to compare them to.

Any help would be great.

Thanks Andy


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That could work as well.

I think i will see if i can find one like in the picture as that might look a bit nicer and less bots to come undone the better :-)

so if anyone wants a nice powder coated standard bracket make me an offer :-)


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Not enough movement as only moves about 1/2 inch before running out of bar.

Found the 106 one but looks like the offset needs to be much closer to the block, mine is too far out.

found this which looks spot on, but is it worth £52+ vat for just the adjustor? me thinks not.


Might have to make my own!


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Just a quick little update as i hate it when you find a thread that never shows the final solution :-)

I bought an adjuster from Harris performance for £25 it wasn't quite long enough for my setup at 140mm fully open, so i bought a female rose joint off ebay for £2 and used a bit of threaded bar and now all sorted and looks good as well ;-)


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That looks nice, may have to do just that on my cossie :)

Nice hose clamps BTW

Hey Kev, glad you like it

Much easier than the old bracket setup :-)

and those hose clamps are so easy to adjust and well worth the money There the Mikalor stainless ones.

This was the site i got the banjo end from http://engineersmate.com and looks like it might be handy for a few other bits ;-)


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