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Hello my names Kay and iv just brought my first manta!


This is my hatch that I picked up on Sunday.. Loving every minute of it!

I'm new to these but I'm learning fast, the bf has 2 coupes so iv got the perfect teacher

It's got suspension and break upgrades, needs minor body work but iv got all the relevant parts for this already just waiting for the worst of the winter to pass to get onto that.

Original supplier was Thompson of hull ltd the i200 dealer :)

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Thanks guys! Im really excited, n already been playing n enjoying it way too much!! Enjoying the appriciation im getting when im about in it :) Cant wait to get onto the body work once the winters over n re sprey! Came with new rear arches n good doors to go on so its only what you see thats left to do :) which as you all know means all the hard works been done! Paint work isnt as great as the pics look but its all minor so no worries there just want it looking perfect! Oh and there was progress with the black manta too today :)

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Soooo I got myself acoupe too!! Sadly it's beyond any sort of repair but will help our 2 coupes n hatch with parts.. Once we know what we are having off it I'll post up see if anyone needs bit n bobs.. I know the late shark grey interior will be for grabs tho!


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Soooo time for an update!!!

So the main new feature being her new colour!!! Which I was unsure about at first but bloody love now!!!



Had a few issues and a few new parts.. Firstly the chrome alternator that couldn't power one light bulb is out and in goes a volvo one!! Same with the fan.. Absolutely useless! So on goes a Volvo fan with a bit of trimming n chopping.. Prop shaft uj's were causing me some grief but the one that came off my scrap coupe was in fab condition! Small hole welded underneather nothing major n she got fully waxoil'ed :)

So we took the rocker cover off n she's a bit yukky.. Smoking when cold etc.. At 94,000 miles think she's done her bit!! So on that note the engine out the coupe is lovely!!! The bf is teaching n helping me so it's my first engine build.. New cam.. And some other mods.. And vwala! Swap them over in a few months :) now I'm just hunting for some big shiny wheels for the summer..

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That is certainly one differant Manta ! and all the better for it ! if you'd said you were painting your hatch in a pastle orange i'd have thought WHAT!!! But it actually works with the contrast of the black details which brings me to a point,

now I'm just hunting for some big shiny wheels

Shiny wheels i don't think would work with the paint scheme, if your going for larger wheels i think they'd look better on this Manta if they where a dark grey/anthracite colour.

You have made one interesting change, the Volvo alternator, did that just bolt in? if so what model Volvo is it off? we have all got Manta's that when driving at night we can't have the headlamps, Wipers, heater, rear screen heat on at the same time !!

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Oo ok I'll check that tire!!

Erm.. Ok this is where I turn back into a girl haha! My secret weapon is my bf member 'blackmantacoupe' he's a very advanced machanic and has made many mods to his mantas

so he's the one to talk to!!!

Been looking at these style wheels..


Think they would look amaizing.. Just need to pick a style n with the right fitment

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