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Voltage Reglator For Volt Meter


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No warranty of any kind implied or given and no liability for any loss, damage or injury, no matter how incurred accepted.

Old case and stripped board, and a few gubbins from your friendly mail order electronics folks.

As I intended this to be adjustable it uses more hardware than some of the various designs I have seen on the net <BR> Going to be a tight fit.

Prototype, no finesse and blue tack used as a third hand.<BR> This tested out ok on the car so it was time to do better.

Thought about where stuff was going this time (note pot position).<BR> Left wires long to mount IC externally.

IC is bolted to the case, note that this ICs mounting tag is internally connected to the pin2 output.
Without the insulators the outside case of the regulator could be at about 10 volts.
Note the 3 wires coming out of the grommit on the right so they can be connected to the IC pins and of course the grommit so it doesn't chaff.
There is also a grommit in the top by the IC.

Finished item. IC pins are heat shrink sleeved. I am ashamed to say I wrapped some electrical insulation tape over the bolt JIC.

I would have preffered to heat shrink sleeve that too but didn't order any in that size.

With an Ohmeter I checked all pins for continuity to the case to make sure there wasn't any, and from the IC to the case too.

In situ. The usual mod of running a small loom is in place to save having the cowl off all the time.
Screwdriver through what was the top grommit to adjust.

Picture of the board and components as I wired it. The wires to the IC pins were diff lengths so I knew which was which as they were all black.

Note the Dip in the Electrolytic capacitor for polarity.

Potentiometer has 3 pins, 2 are on either end of the "track" and the other is the adjustable bit. If you use the two nearest together you
don't get any adjustment

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Only just seen this, WOW! wish I had gone to the same school as you, my knowledge of electronics is "switch on or off" or "plug or unplug" !!!!!

I've forgotten most of what I ever learnt about analogue electronics, what remains is how to follow a circuit diagram and solder. Transistor theory has gone.

However, the above has been floating around on here since probably 2005 or before. Basically it is a circuit diagram that I found on the net just built tidily into the case, where possible, I think the diagram was in a recent magazine, however, I prefer mine.

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