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New Member With A Silver2?


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 Hi Rob and welcome,


 I am not the person to verify if you have a Sliver 2,  i know there were Silver Manta's with blue interiors that were not Silver 2's. But Ascona's? someone with more knowledge will have to answer that




Dunno what to do with it yet, engine and or box swap (it's an auto!) mot it and drive it or just flog it!


 It is possible to convert your Ascona to manual gearbox using the later Manta 5 speed, that would make it a good car to live with ( not doing 4000 revs at 60 mph !! ) Paulmanta on here knows how to do this and use a four speed gear lever to keep the inside looking like an original manual Ascona.


 which ever you do, leave it as it is or convert it you must get it back on the road, Ascona's are getting very rare, need to see a few more out and about.

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Hi to all members, joining this site hopefully to find out more info on my Ascona, and advice on part availability. I'm told that I might have a silver 2 cos it's a 1978 2.0 SR (in silver!) with blue trim and ats alloys any help would be much appreciated, cheers Rob


Hi Rob and welcome to the forum. I live on the outskirts of St. Helens if you want to meet up? PM me and I can contact you.

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Wow! never thought I'd see another, looks in great condition!That's pretty much what I've got though mines on a T plate. There are sutle differences such as the grille, the rear opel badge and front spot lights. Looks like yours is an auto aswell or I'm I mistaken? I'm struggling to post pictures on this forum for some reason, do you have to be in the club?

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Finally got round to posting a few pics of the ascona, just replaced the brake lines with copper (all of them!) changed the fluid in the autobox, fitted a eletronic ignition and a few other electrical gremlins needed to be sorted.


this is were she'd been sleeping for the last several years







stuck a battery on & put air in the tyres to make the short journey to me parents garage!







Im hoping to get it back on the road this year, and I must say its been good to get my hands dirty again!

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