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 I have flown a Manta as high as the ones in the first three pictures and it was not my intension to do so.

I went to watch Rallycross in Ireland and i'd arranged to stay with rallycross racer Alister Gallaway, a motoring nut case, he had a 400+ bhp UR Quatro, having no headlamps as it was a Rallycross car he would put two spot lamps on the front with wires dirrect to the battery then go out at night giving it hell around the lanes of county Down !!! there was a road junction near his house with black rings on it where he would get the Quatro spinning in its own length to completely destroy old race tires !!

 He also showed me his favourite jump, a long uphill straight that sharply levelled off, he explain how he flew his Frod MK 2 Scrote but caught a cross wind and landed in the layby at the side of the road and only just back onto the road before he run out of space !! but it was another jump that he caught me out with.

 The Ferry had been delayed across to Dublin by bad weather, by the time i arrived at the meeting point at Belfast docks it was almost midnight, Alister shouted across from his E30 BMW 325 "you better be keeping up with me now or won't be getting a bed tonight" what followed was the wildest car chase i have ever been involved in. we sped along a dual carriage way flat out, even zooming across junctions just after the lights had gone red, going up a curving sliproad off a dual carriageway the back stepped out still at very high speed, that certainly got my attension !!

 We then went on a tour of all of Alisters favourite country lanes, though i didn't know this, i just thought it was a long way to his house east of Newtonards, despite driving far faster then i ever should have down dark twisting lanes i had never seen before i was loosing ground to his BMW, but i could still see his rear lights ahead, but what i did not see was his brake lights because he used his handbrake to slow his car, being straight i was still going full tilt when i hit the 'hump' in the road, my Manta took off, not just light on the springs but truely took off and flew, i still remember glancing out of the side window and looking down into the front garden of a farm house over a stone wall !!!!!!!!!!!!

 I landed tail down with a shower of sparks as the exhaust back box got flattened against the boot floor, i eased off after that !!! i realised that this speed with no knowledge of the route it would only end one way, both the Manta and myself suffering terminal damage ! but thankfully i was not far from Alisters house and he was waiting in his BMW at the gate, when we parked up both cars had been driven so hard that all four front brake discs where glowing dull red with lots of smoke.

 Despite it now being about 1am we didn't go straght to bed as both of us had 75% adrenalin in our vains, forget acid, if you want a real buzz just get a Manta and truely rag it, it  is a car that really comes alive being driven hard along a twisting country lane, you've just gotta try it once, you'll love the buzz !!

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8 hours ago, mian400 said:


..loving that last pic just look at her fly....a thing of beauty.....

This is a recent photograph, this is the Belgium Lease Plan sponsored Manta 400 (genuine) that attended the Opel Manta Netherlands 30 anniverary Rally at Hoogenweg 2013 and still used in anger !!

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You don't need 275 BHP, only one 'Man Power' will do...

full story (in German):








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