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Manta 400 R


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im reluctantly putting my 400 project up for sale reluctantly as i just dont think ill ever get time to do it, i bought it off a friend who had the same problem as me too busy to do myself and cant afford to pay a company to do it , it started life as a 1.8 so was the ideal basis for a red top conversion which has been done,running on injection with 4 branch manifold not reshaped FWD one  ,it has the full 400 kit which is sat on the car and not fitted properly  exclusive 3 piece rear spoiler will need the original rear arches cutting back and welding for the 400 arches ,,please note the 400 bonnet is ''no longer'' with the car as i prefer the standard steel bonnet of which ive purchased 2 very good ones , parts ive collected for it include Blitz seat material ( the proper authentic looking one) exclusive rear bumper with integrated number plate ,2 rear blanking panel between the lights a new set of 400 mirrors and blanking panels for the old door mirrors,brand new quad headlights  various poly bushes ,as you can see its had various panels changed for mint ones which cuts down on a lot of prep work for painting , i have a set of 15" rfx revolutions 5 stud with a5 stud conversion kit to make it look more authentic i would have loved to put proper ronals but didnt have the funds to buy but its something that could be changed at a later date , the shell it self is very solid it has been dry stored for a very long time swan necks are solid and as far as i can see requires no additional welding ,interior is from an exclusive and is in very tidy condition i also have another pair of front recaros was going to swap the base from the passenger side spare to the drivers side as has little signs of being used then have it retrimmed with the blitz material, should be quite an easy job for someone with prep and painting skills or if you can afford it give to a company to put it altogether for you , it owes me close to £5000 so look to get back as much as i can ,it also come with a private plate on retention "B 400V " i have no interest in putting on ebay would rather it sell to a member or friend of a member as more chance of seeing it when its finished as i am a regular at the vboa national show at  market harborough though in another club viewing welcome but to definate interested buyers 


s-l1600 (3).jpg





14273557_10155176146228625_1655125135_o (1).jpg



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11 hours ago, Kevin Abbott said:

Don't even get me started. Is was then it wasn't now it possibly is again. 

I thought the restoration was the hard bit but it turns out the selling is worse 

Ok. I won't come and look until it either is or isn't.  Good luck

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1 hour ago, rlf444w said:

SOLD subject to recieving payment 

Good luck with the sale, sad to see you are having to sell it, but everyone have different agendas in life's to lead and we all have crossroads to navigate. I look forward to seeing it in it's full glory once the finishing touches are done. I take it that a OMOC member has retained it within the club? 

I have contemplated selling mine on a few occasions due to lack of use and illness preventing me from maintaining the car properly. For me I know I would regret it from day one and the time and money I had spent on getting it to a decent standard would never be repaid. Also my missus would not let me sell it as she knows what it means to me as I have been in the Manta scene on and off since 1989 ish.

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