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Manta-400 for sale (Belgium)

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A bargain compared to the wide-bodied silver 400 that was auctioned a few weeks ago and sold for 86K Euros. 

I noticed this one on the same website: https://www.2dehands.be/autos/opel/overige-modellen/week-aanbieding-keurige-opel-manta-375779704.html

They have a pair of early B's for sale. 


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Unable to find the green one. But there is this silver one with an lpg conversion and an interesting interior.


google translation so probably not totally accurate.

have an original real manta b gte 2000cc of bj 81 which I am sorry to offer for the heart. This manta is nothing proven right by many, completely original, like a real gte belongs to. All the rims are not original .in the car has already invested a lot of money and time and it is also visible. parts that are renewed and replaced-

right-hand steering wheel right-hand petrol pump-gasoline filter-all gasoline-float petrol tank-air filter-seal valve lid battery-wiper-ignition set-valve regulated-4 spark plug sensor gas gauge brake pads for brake pads rear brake oil brake caliper dismantled right , sanded and cleaned (hanging) -ewater water with antifreeze in radiator boite oil oil rear axle injector cleaner with petrol bottom-bottom has been treated with rutex and then I forget about something else. The counter currently contains 51,500km (is of course all around) last oil spill was 45.000km. started again this year. car also has a lpg installation and the tank has been well tuned back for 6 years.super cheap yet no 15 euros for a full tank.rijd perfect both on gasoline and on lpg. (Also run weekly on gasoline)
wagon is on o-plates and has thus been approved for vintage hours.
minus-little board walk-in driver's seat and the color has become more bleach by the sun of all the years.
plus-sports wheels
Girdles placed behind (previously not present)
radio pioneer, rear mdf box made and lined up for the pioneer hat board boxes, front for radio under mdf front and made for the other 2 boxes also pioneer because I did not want to break the door panels (before no music available).
car may go away but do not go away. offer value.
funbieders do not waste your time and certainly not mine because I do not respond to that.
Real experts and manta lovers know what is worth a while in this state.
interest? send me an email
or exchange against bmw oldtimer
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No problem Martin,

 the Belgian nationality is something strange. We have three languages (Flemish, French and German)and we are in the centre of Europe.

So in the history everybody visited us or liberated us. Beginning with the Spanish (Alva), the French (Napoleon), The Dutch and the Germans.

Liberated thanks the English, Americans , Polish and Canadians...

And still having problems with our own French speaking Belgians...(Sorry, off topic)


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On 10/14/2017 at 09:18, H-400 said:

Dutch?? Don't compare us with our neighbours! 


About this car:


Needs a total makeover... I know this car for decades and was stored in a wet garage. But is still an original one.

What's going on with the bumper having bolts through it! Will make somebody a nice car when it has a bit of love given to it. 

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