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Wheel nut taper angle


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So I left four wheel nuts on the floor and after a cup of tea now only have three.my dog salem he's 11 years old and should know better has a habit of picking anything up off the floor which I have handled and is held hostage until a treat is given if not then item is dropped whether he loses interest.see some locking wheel nuts for mantas and have eyed the angle to the pictures 60 deg taper?IMG_20180401_211856.thumb.jpg.b94b1a3eda56fd3851786f39e7d5e5a9.jpgsorry my fault :P.

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 after a police style search of the garden....eureka!!. seriously tho over the years had to remove everything that he could possibly pick up he came in with a house brick once.and yes his feet are massive he's a big lump.will put the nuts back onto the studs in future.

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