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Cav coupe eBay

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looks a good shell for a 400 project Carnt work out why front nearside inner wing battery tray and tunnel full of filler maybe rot our accident damage any way bids are on will see what happens 🙂 

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Finally got this back yesterday after 500 mile 12 hour round trip the old 200tdi loved every mile of it 🙂 

looks to be a very very solid shell had a few repairs that want tidying up and the smooth engine bay put. Back to standard plans were to turn into exclusive replica but this one seems a better shell than my 400 build that I was just about to start so it looks like it's having my 400 kit fitted and built into Russel Brookes 400 replica 

car has had a bare metal respray by the looks of it many years ago sadly the micro blisters have started in a few places garage was damp I dragged it out of so its going to be striped of it remaining parts and sent for full soda blast our sand blast 

would like to no others experience of  soda our sand before I decide will start a build thead soon same lady had owned the car since 1991 


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Congratulations on winning the shell , it did look very tidy on eBay. I haven't got any personal experience with soda blasting on cars only motorbike parts but they did come out clean and undamaged  .  Would be interested in prices for it , I'm sure I've seen around £700 upwards on the forum which I'm definitely too tight to pay . I have got a small sandblaster which I may try with soda media but it would take a long time as it's only a small nozzle 

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Firstly congrats on the purchase :)

If you keep an eye on my Black Coupe thread in projects, it will be coming back from Dipping (Enviro strip) in a few weeks.

I also have a local guy that does sandblasting. He uses a high volume low pressure setup that also have large heat exchanger to cool the air so it is supposed to be as 'best you can get for medium blasting' (his words). I will also be giving him some main panels to do (doors, wings boot, bonnet etc).


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3 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

I will also be giving him some main panels to do (doors, wings boot, bonnet etc).:)


Just watch your panels, is it worth trying a scrap panel first, or something from a breakers! Seen a sandblasted bonnet before! Not good! 

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