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What tool for front hub bolts?


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According to Haynes its a "special serrated socket headed wrench" my fairly tired Torx T45 (I think) seems to be a bit of a loose fit & these bolts are tight! Not wanting to round out the serrated edge, suggestions welcome! Maybe I need a blowlamp?





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4 hours ago, 1200bandit said:

If the heads round off ,drill the head off the should be a bit of the bolt sticking up , weld a nut to the bolt and should come out easy 


 I nipped out this morning having decided to go for a heavier duty set & came back raring to go - alas, the set I'd bought was M12-M18... I discovered I actually needed an M10. So, off out again for another hour round trip -_-  but this time took the disk/hub with me! Anyway, the guys in Machine Mart in Brighton were really helpful genuine car enthusiasts & I now have a proper grown-up set.

Getting the bolts out involved another generous soaking with easing fluid & hitting the brand new M10 spline tool with a hammer while perched on the bolt and finally resorting to 18" pipe on each side of a 1/2" T bar. 

I've got 1 side done & after much grief with one of the hex headed bolts that holds the caliper on the other side I'm 1/2 way there tonight.






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2 hours ago, Exclusive Opel said:

I took some discs off a couple of spare hubs the other week and my old Woolworths impact gun made light work of it. Definitely worth investing in one. I use it a lot more now.

 I didn’t even think about an electric impact gun, will investigate.  Cheers!

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