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Fog light kit

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15 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

It would better if there was a limit to how bright any bulb can be, its got to the point where i am taking a welding mask with me everywhere i go, ahh my eyes are burning, honestly are people really that blind that they need lights so bright, maybe  they should book an eye test! Im angry, grrrrrrrr! 

Im considering full beam, full time, ha! 

Nuff said! So if all testers where happy bunnies, there wouldnt be a problem. Or maybe we should all stay home on foggy days! A light aint gonna help the moron, sitting 2m off your bumper. Still angry! Grrrrrrr

absolutely agree 100%. 

theres no way anyone who is allowed to legally drive on a road would need lights that bright.can they not see where they are going ?. i have absolutely no issues at all with the standard h4 cavalier lights.perfectly bright enough to see where you are going. no need for hid in modern cars let alone high brightness leds.

im with you on this one mate

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Wasnt commenting on brightness of fog, mot should test brightness of headlights.

It is dangerous, driving towards an uncoming modern vehicle

Its normally on b roads, at national speed limit 60 mph. In a manra, im sitting low, car is low, seat is low, uncoming suv has two new suns perched on each corner of their bonnet, i dont think its an eyesight thing, more of a im better, bigger, brighter than you. 

Its even worse in the rain, orwhen im two wheeling it, motorbike, rain, visor, and blinded.  

For the Manta, im thinking full lamp pod, full beams, yeh mate you think your bright, sit on that! 

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Totally with some new aspects on cars and headlights are up there! I like new car lights, miles better than the crappy old ones in old cars like Mantas (tea lights are brighter)

I get people flashing me as they think I have main beam in my daily, so I then main beam them and fry their eye balls - don’t blame me it’s  the manufacture. 

on a side note really nee cars now have loads of LEDs and they dim in a certain way to not dazzle other drivers. 

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These bright headlights have passed all type approval tests, so they would always pass MOT.

Unless we are talking about retro- fitment Of LED kits, in that instance the beam height/pattern *should* keep them in check as the beam is so ways falling from standard ride height of car, hence the term 'dipped' 

Even a 55w halogen Incorrectly fitted, like upside down, is blinding to oncoming traffic, so I think they should have a bit of a clampdown on headlights for sure.

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