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Rally "Van Looi" Belgium.

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Hi everybody, been some time I posted something. Got some issues in my family, one of my brothers is very ill. So he needs my help. 

Done a meeting for rally cars, used to be a rally from the '70ths till the 90ths but yet it is a memorial rallycar meeting, some pics:



Thats my car, not looking "Rally"...

Some more pics:




Some other Opels lile this nice Kadett Coupé:


The white Ascona 400 is not a replica, an original grp 4 rallycar:





Some friends of us, this car is a replica but the owner builded this car identical as a real "400", respect!




A Capri in front of my car:




Kadett E Sedan rallycar: 


And if you thought you'v seen it all, a Kadett E sedan rallycar with wide body on the front:


Some more pics of the nice "400 replica":





Some pics I found of us before we started for the tour:



And at night:


Grts, Herman


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Hi Herman, great photos...sorry to hear about your brother.....but its good to have a small break and do something different in these situations...Its happened to me  a few times.....fingers crossed all will be ok.....assume you can get fuel there!

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Some great cars there Herman but yours is my fave by far! Sorry to hear about your brother, hope the situation improves. It’s always good to be able to have a break from the treadmill and smell some petrol, so I’m glad you managed to enjoy the day.

Our thoughts are with you.

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Thank you all for the nice comments about my brother. Normally we don't post our privat family stuff on this forum but this is important.

My brother has got cancer, prostate cancer. He is at the end of all treatments there is possible. He was stabil for some time with an expensive experimental medication but the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. The doctors want to give him another chemo to extend his life for some months but he refused that cause he wants to enjoy his last time without being sick. He made the papers also for authanasia. 

Why do I post this: My brother was too late to consult his doctor. He had already some time problems with his "plumbing"so when he consulted his doctor it was allready too late. After we heard about his condition we (My father and my other three brothers) checked ourself at our doctor and my father 's got it also. But after operation he is stabil also because of his age. He is 86 so the cancer grows slow. I'm also tested with scans etc. and every 6 months they test my blood for PSA levels.  

So to all male readers: From 50 and older, go to your doctor and test yourself. Do this for your wife, kids and parents. For your friends and yourself. My parents are both 86 and they have to bury their son. I hope my brother can live as long as possible, had him some minutes ago on the phone and we are going to visit him and my wife will cook for him and we'll have some beers and have a nice day.

As some wrote: This Sunday I'm going with my son with our Manta's to an oldtimer-meeting to enjoy those shining fenders, eating a hamburger and enjoying the smell of petrol and oil... Still got to post those pics of the "400 meeting" in Holland.

Grts, Herman

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So sorry to hear your news Herman. Having been through something similar with my father, there is something to be gained from enjoying what time is left. When the weather was nice, we used to head off in the car for a drive, and stop off for a coffee and a cake. Those simplest things made treasured memories.

Very wise words for all of us blokes, especially as we all hate going to see the doctor. 

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