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Red Berlinetta Hatch 1.8 Auto

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3 hours ago, 1200bandit said:

That looks okay.very cheap considering what they have been getting in the last 12 months 

Indeed mate, it’s nearly worth that for a shell if you have a rotten one. 

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MOT history shows a fail on a lot of rust back in 2021 both front floors, chassis rails, jacking points, a front inner arch/floor, rear inner arch, and sill. Which were all fixed for the retest within 2 weeks and 3 miles. So repair quality would need checking. Its only done 300miles since then so hasn't been out a lot at all

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Thanks, definitely worth checking if it's been done right and the rails haven't just been patched, hes not hiding anything and has offered use of a ramp, only in Rochdale I might go and take a look 🤔 can't go until Tuesday and at the price it might well be gone 🙄

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That car went through my hands a few years ago - its a cat c total loss which the seller doesnt mention.

Damage was on the roof drivers side above the drivers head, apparently it had a mishap with a fork lift truck somehow.

Mechanically great and drove well. Decent underneath, welding work was ok if not concours but it was a very cheap car at the end of the day.

Interior was horrible lol

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