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Toms 2.4 Ascona


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OK its not mine but I supplied him a lot of the bits on it!

Anyone who remembers Tom from last years Billing, this is his car with the 2.4 conversion Paulmanta masterminded and fitted for him. It certainly scares a few BMWs around here....





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I like that but then I would, not entirely convinced by the wheels though, black centres maybe? Is that a GTE Spoiler on the back that was modded, I didnt think they fitted that well? Suits it...

Love the idea of things like this that will beat new stuff[:D]


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1981 Ascona On the way soon

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The wheels look good after you have been round them for a bit, i was not sure but now i know the character of the car i like them.

The spoiler is a GTE coupe Mata item, and it does fit well, The seats are from an Opel Monza.

The car is quick and has lots of torque, quite a handfull when i drove it last.

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Mick; I agree with you about the wheels, and I have seen another 2 door ascona with the std gte spoiler and it seems to fit ok. I have an aftermarket fiberglass one that may be able to be cut and shaped to suit the ascona better. Then again it might not[:D]. It was another mad ebay purchase[V].

Bloody nice car tho[^].

If what I say can be taken in 2 ways and one of those ways get you angry....I meant it the other way

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The original 2.0S engine and 4 speed gearbox it was fitted with are excellent too...[;)]

Hi Tom!



Please remember to log in to this site from the home page. It helps it to be first on the list when you type in 'Manta' in search engines, and there's some good stuff on there too.

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