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My 2.0l Cav Sports hatch


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Finally got the car ive been looking for, thanks to E-Bay...for once

Ta Da!!!!





Nice example, its been waxoiled every year from new up till 1994 then it was garaged. The previous and only owner still had the dealership receipt, all work reciepts, full vauxhall service history up to 1994, and the wax oil reciepts from every year up to 1994.

A lovely example, no rot, but a few festering scabs from stonechips, hence the black bonnet.

I have no plans for the car apart from a original full restoration, or correct me if im being daft....poss a silver aero replica, i have been looking all over the net but the concept car is very shy and there aint that many pics to find.

Any advise is welcome

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For info on Silver Aero you need to get in touch with John Ankerman at the VBOA, as he owns it now.


I hope this helps, but personally I'd leave it standard, lovely looking car.

omoc 5660,Cambridge & The Fens Area Rep.

"Well I turn on the radio, but I don't like what they play"

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Yaeh i guess ill leave it standard for now. Im thinking about upgrading the suspension and the brakes and i have seen loadsa how toos on these subjects.

Heres a list of mods im gonna attempt

1. Upgrade braking system

2. Upgrade suspension

3. Fit LSD if available

4. Fit Manta hatch spoiler

5. Fit 15" alloys

6. Twin 45 carb set up with side draught trumpets

7. Keep old interior but fit a black 1 for personal taste

8. Keep standard radio but fit cd headunit in glove box

9. Replace all fuel and brake lines

10. Replace all coolant pipes

11. Strip, overhaul and paint engine

12. Upgrade headlights so that i can see in the dark

13. Upgrade all bushes where poss, are these the same as the Manta B?

14. Fit fog lights to front

15. Move rear number plate back to original position under dbumper and replace vauxhall letters

16. Fit 5 speed box if available

17. Take a tea break lol

18. Fit electric aerial

If anyone thinks ive missed anything or if any of the jobs above are daft please post your opinions, basically im trying to achieve a standard looking exterior with descrite mods internally.

Help and advice much appriciated

T Steve

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Looks pretty solid, good base car for running about..

1. Easy

3. £££

4. Easy

5. Easy but watch out for the FWD offsets, they'll sit too far under the arches

6. £££ plus Servo may be in the way

7. Good luck finding one

8. Easy, bit tight in there though

9. Good idea

10. Good idea, some are harder to find

11. Or fit a better one

12. Not with Squares unless they are new

13. Yes they are the same, most if not all are available

14. Retro ones of course

15. Good call, Ebay will get you them.

16. Not too bad, just done mine from an Auto

17. Beer surely...



OMOC 5924


1980 Black Berlinetta Coupe

1981 Manta B just as Adam intended

1981 Ascona in need of modding...lots!

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There are two new square headlights(Hella)on ebay at the moment at a tenner each, looks to be with the rubbers as well.







With 11 quid postage if buying both.


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Im after advice on the best components and parts for the following tasks on my list, though im ultimatly aiming to keep it as standard as poss, these are essential to me!

1. Brakes front and rear disc conversion and uprated servo

2. suspension Evo and apex mix or spax adjs?

3. Uprated engine and gearbox mounts

4. What exhaust manifolds and systems are good as the exhaust sys is on its last legs, and i want to fit the twin webers so what goes in must come out

3. Ive got a bosch inj sys and manifold that will fit the CIH or should i hold out for twin webers?

Finally anyone know any good online stockists for the Mk1 cav or should i just look for the manta b stuff?

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Front discs and calipers

Go for Astra, Vectra, Calibra sliding calipers and 1986 Carlton 2.2 vented discs.

Rear Disc conversion.

Get in touch with Kevin Abbott on here, he produces an absolutely stunning rear disc conversion.


I've always fitted anything that was available.

Currently running KYB rear shocks which I like quite a lot.

And Monroe Radialmatic front shocks, which are not really my cup o' tea, (A polite way of saying they're sh1te)

Bilsteins are supposed to be the ultimate.

Springs... I've always liked Jamex over anything else to date.

Wouldn't go for Spax springs again after they broke after 4 years.

Uprated engine and gearbox mounts...

Not really needed, just replace if shagged with originals, don't know whether uprated ones are available.

Exhaust Manifold.

On the Cam in Head engine (CIH) the best flowing Exhaust manifold you will get is actually the cast iron one the engine is fitted with.

apparently a very very good casting.

Four branch tubulat manifolds are an absolute bast to fit and gain no power whatsoever........ I've been there, and never again.

For a performance system you are going to be struggling nowdays.

Could be worth phoning around, but best bet would be to get a powerflow system fitted, at least you know it's going to last.

Wouldn't bother with the injection system as you would need to source a good hatchback injection tank or fit a swirl pot (stops fuel starvation on cornering, but you probably knew that) hard to find a good hatchback fuel tank especially injection.

You can get more horses from the cih using a single weber downdraught, electronic ignition, replace the fan for a viscous coupled item or ditch it completely for a leccy item, bit of smoothing of the inlet manifold and smoothing of the inlet and exhaust ports, polishing up the backs of the valves and carefully seating them should gve you about 120 bhp coupled with a decent exhaust.

Throw in a 5 speed box.

Uprate the headlights, really need to buy new squares or fit the twin round lights.

Set o' 15"s with some decent tyres, prob the best offset you will get would be ET38 which is fine as long as they are 7" wide rims.

Front fogs.

Wires are already fitted in the car for these and simply need to fit a fog light switch into the blanked hole in the dash, personally I wouldn't fit them unless you can't uprate your lights and would fit driving lights instead, on the Cav and Manta B these can be mounted straight into the end of the chassis rail near the no. plate.

this gives a good solid mount and no beam vibration that you could get if mounted to the bumper.

But if you were to go silver Aero Rep, simply imposible to source a bodykit, yet alone the interior.

But a 2.4 turbo'd lump would be nice.

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hmm cheers for the info. Priorities are brakes and suspension, ive binned the silver aero rep idea cos as you say....its tooooooo much messing, i got the car to drive and enjoy, not to have stripped down and never finished.

the last job job is a full strip down and respray (need to decide if i keep the same colour, or not) once i have all the stuff, ie engines done, gearbox is sourced, black int found etc. I need the car to remain a Cav not become a vauxhall manta [:D] so i wont be fitting loadsa body kit maybe just a rear spoiler cos it looks baldy. And some hella/cibie spots, and the 400 mirrors if avail cos the cav ones are pap.

Couple of notes

Ive just bought a alloy irmscher twin manifold polished out to 45, so im after a pair of 45 carbs now - lol.

I have heard that the CIH engine benefits from a upgraded cam, but being new to CIH tech, im not sure so would appriciate opinions.

Has anyone done any electrical upgrades to the engine, as mentioned electronic ign, and any interior mods such as leccie windows etc if so what is available.

Ive got a few things on watch on ebay, so ill see how they go, as for brakes and susp, ill just buy new from stockists for peace of mind.

Cheers for the advice so far guys and keep it coming and i will turn this into a proper project thread with pics as soon as i get enough stuff together and take a week off work to have a dabble. [;)]

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Ive bought a Irmscher inlet manifold, Irmsher thermostat housing, and a pair of weber 40 dcoe carbs, all i need now is a throttle linkage and some gaskets then im ready for the first mod, bit out of sync with the plan but bargain was there for the taking!, just need to modify the servo and master cylinder.[:D]

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