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Opel Manta 1.9L


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Hi everybody

Here I am from Portugal with a new project.

Sold the old rusty project, and bought a new one.

Its a 1.9l in the registration, but came with an Opel Omega 2.0i 8v engine and gearbox already fitted.

Bought this one for 1000 euros.

The car had already had the body repaired, and the interior upholstered.

Just needed painting and some details.

Das anyone have a car with this engine?

Pics will come soon.

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The old blue paint had aged lovely,I liked it :)

The matt black looks ok. The new wheels look a bit big.........but I am a bit jealous! NICE CAR!



The old colour was beautyfull and I really did like it, but there were too many scratches and dents...

The wheels are 6/13" ATS cup wheels with 185/70 yokohamas

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it's running good, but didnt got it properly tuned yet.

does anyone have an engine like this?

I don't who is running a 2litre like yours, I think idle speed and mixture is about all you can adjust. Did you get the car with that engine already fitted? It would be worth checking inside distributor cap to check it's condition if you haven't done so yet.

What like's the weather in Portugal just now :)

All the best,



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