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87 Gte Fuel Pump Siezed


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finally back in the world of Manta's, well never left just got distracted.

Anyway's hope someone can help. Haven't started the car in ~1yr, turns over a treat but no fuel at regulator.

With the ignition on, if I short out fuses 7 & 8 with a coin I can hear a slight thud from the pump.

My diagnosis indicates the pump is failed/siezed, do you agree? Any ideas on how to coax it back to life?? I tried the "lightly tickle it with a hammer" method but no joy.

Any ideas if this part is still available?

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I have revived one in the past by swapping the wires around at the pump and briefly running it in reverse.

It worked for me but i do-not promise it will work, or that it won't hurt the pump.

But if its not working now there is little to loose from trying.

At least that was my basis for doing it. :rolleyes:

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[off car] Any old ish leci pumps I have had I always give a good drink of WD40 down its throats/let soak then place in mi vice und power it up,place fuel pipe on oot let into bucket or container to catch crud, then pit some fuel doon into it and if lucky yul hear it burr intae life. worth awe try works fi me.

Jist google for pump if stuck or go doon tae wanted bitty on forum.

cheers rab.

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No joy so far with reversing the electrical connections, however will give it another shot.

Found in my box of spares a pump I think it is from a 2.2 Carlton with part number Bosch 0 580 464 008, this pump is not responding either to the WD40 or reverse connections. However wondering what is the part number for the Manta pump, any ideas? Obviously I'll wip off the pump and findout but just curious if someone knows.

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The Opel and GM part numbers for fuel pump are 8 15 004 & 09292567



thanks for the numbers!!

The numbers on the Pump from the Manta are the same as the Carlton Pump, aka Bosch 0 580 464 008. I'll give my Motor factors a kick and quote your numbers and mine, if no joy I seem to have found a few on ebay.

My latest issue; I managed to sheer off the three mounting rubbers, and the bracket that the Pump & filter mount onto is pretty much a pile of rust. Planning to fabricate a replacment, I have some thick aluminium sheet so was thinking of using. Any tips or suggestions for another solution?



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