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Manta B Coupe Project


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Hi everyone,

I have a project update and this is where my car is, as of today.

Here is the interior, its weathered but thats something I can sort in the future. Paint and rims is priority.


A couple of exterior shots showing my new bonnet and headlight vents, Simon had a spare gold one so fitted it using astra van struts to hold it open ( just pull the catch and it flies up and stays up)058.jpg?t=1301764542057.jpg?t=1301764542

And now under the bonnet, sporting the lovely new engine and engine bay sprayed in my chosen colour for the car.



Its been A lot of hard work for Simon and with running into a few problems along the way but he has done an amazing job and am totally chuffed with the result. I adjusted the spax shocks today as they were just a little to stiff so will see how they go. And am tweaking a few things like the heater fan switch and some interior parts.

The next step will be to get it painted but that will depend on getting the money together as work is not so good lately. But for now I can just enjoy having the car back and driving it about.

Being my only car i drive it everywhere and it performs really well and has not missed a beat yet and sounds awesome when you open up the throttle. Am saving getting the new rims until its ready for paint and am losing the side trim , spoiler and will change bumpers as am going for a more original look on the outside.

But thank you once again Simon for all your hard work and help getting my car to where it is laugh.gifthumbsup.gif

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Cheers guys, hopefully paint will not be too far away rolleyes.gif am now trying to source boot key or a way in without damage.

had a look today behind seat and the tank is blocking the way. sad.gif but something will happen.

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Cheers guys, hopefully paint will not be too far away rolleyes.gif am now trying to source boot key or a way in without damage.

had a look today behind seat and the tank is blocking the way. sad.gif but something will happen.


whats the plan for the interior? I have the same in my one, was thinking of getting the seats and door cards re done in black leather and keeping the dash area stock.

I like how you managed to retain the original heater / fan box, very clever indeed. what rubber engine mounts did you use?

I have seen one fitted with an engine stabiliser, looked a bit like a gas strut fitted to the side of the engine and bolted to the body shell.

Did you lighten the fly wheel at all?


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Hi Derek, not sure about interior but i like your idea. will get the outside finished first then will see. the engine has not been touched,

it was out of a vauxhall astra van and only god knows where it first came from, a cavalier maybe. the engine mounts are solid rubber bobbins

( can find out where i got them, slips my mind for now) and when idling there are a few shakes and rattles but it runs beautifully.

but once am happy with the exterior and interior I can always play with the engine but its all down to money as you well know laugh.gif

Hows things with you and your projects? Adie

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still sourcing parts mate, have broken the silver one, just need to take the front cross member, rear axle and suspension out of the shell and then its off to the scrap man.

was interesting having a good poke around that as I came across some structural week points and areas where rust needs to be checked out on the red one

the 2.0E engine and original injection system turned out to be too big a deal and it all came down to parts and getting them out here in godzown

most recent purchase off ebay was a set of quad headlights, they are on their way from the UK now 90 quid to DHL them - ouch

the boys chevette is just about finished so want that out of the way before I get into the Manta

hey I saw a black couple was at the Elerslie Car show recently so there is at least one here, it looked nice but I think yours will be better to be honest

I get a lot of people asking me about coupes out here, I just laugh and tell them they are dreaming if they think they will find one for sale in NZ.

think about that brace idea mate, stiff mounts and brace = more power going to where you want it, might sound like a small thing but it does make a difference.

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Yeah will look into the engine brace. if you need any help with parts etc just let me know as i can ring around. I can imagine parts are like rocking horse poo in kiwi land sad.gif

thats why i want my car as good as i can get it before i come back. keep in touch ok .

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Hey all I have a few more pics of the project. its just come out of the paint shop and looking lovely in blue, I will post more pics soon once all the trim, glass and mirrors etc.. are fitted. :D


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Lovely straight looking Coupe, Lovely looking engine / build, Lovely colour it has been painted in, looking forward to seeing the completed item :thumbup

Also, will go to say, of all the projects that come and go and you tend to forget about them until they crop up being broken for spares, this is one project I've never forgot about, good to see it all coming together.

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Hi Derek, I thought about putting chrome bumpers on long and hard but will just put the front and rear standard plastic ones on.

it came down to trying to source a good set and cost of re chroming. but can look into it in the future if i change my mind.

will keep the lines clean, no side skirts or rear spoiler. and a nice set of new 15" alloys.

your project is coming on fast and loads of great work.

would love to rebuild my engine like you have done.

anyway take care bud and keep up the good work :D

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hey mate hows the car coming on? in need of another update and new awesome blue Manta pic fix to drool over :)

oh for a coupe, its a sexy beast.

what you got running off that second belt on the crank pulley? dry sump?

Love the big rad as well, its a fattie, did you use an oil cooler? I have not bothered with on in mine, just doing a big ass electric fan with new ali rad

hey if you need any interior trim bits I might be able to pass them your way, I probably wont need much of what I have here as mine is gonna be naked inside

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Hello mate yeah its been a while, have been so busy working so i can get her home

I will hopefully be picking up the manta around the 10th of next month so am really excited.

I have been watching your project with great interest, you have done so much great work you must be loaded :D

its going to look and drive ace!!!

as for mine she is being put back together, am sending Simon a pair of mirror blanking plates and having Engleman mirrors fitted

still need to get a set of rims to set her off but will do that as and when.

anyway will post up some photos soon and write a bit more about the work carried out.

take care for now, Adie :thumbup

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Hey all, here is an update of my coupe project.

I found out the other day my axle was no good so that has put things back a bit and may have to stay with the 1.8 rather than the 2.0 axle.

also a few things getting tweeked like electrics and a missing seatbelt but hopefully will get her back soon, not in time for castle combe but should be at billing fingers crossed.

here are a few more pics of the transformation.......


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