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*** Breaking Opel Manta ***


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Hi there

We are currently breaking a 1986 1.8 opel manta. Its had a knock down one side but has lots of good bits still left on it looking for a good home, such as the engine which has done very few miles for its age (under 30,000!) and gearbox. The interior also is in a good condition and the whole car is available to view @ www.petethompsons.com. If you would like any more information do not hesitate to contact us on 01302 842 690.

Many thanks

Pete Fawcett

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Holy hell, what a real shame, i bet that car was mint before hand, looks like a bad one can still see the police tape on it, anybody asked how much for the full car??

I got an email with a price of approx £1000 they want for it without the chassis no. etc (Not that I am after the full car)

They are hoping to sell the complete car first, then maybe break it if no interest.

I will be hopefully going near the scrappy next weekend if anyone wants me to see how the sale is going.

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After much interest in the manta we breaking we have drawnup a price list for the most popular requested parts. These are obviously on afirst come first serve basis:

· Engine and Gearbox - £535 inc VAT & Delivery

· Sunroof - £70 inc Trim

· Door Pillars - £20 Each

· Door Chromes - £35 per side

· Front Windscreen with Top Tint - £85

· Full Lock Set (including ignition barrel, doorlocks, fuel cap and key) - £70

· Steering Rack - £60

· Coil Springs - £10 each

· Exhaust - £30

· Full interior - £100

· Boot Lid - £110 including Spoiler

· Doors Complete - £90 Each


Peter Fawcett

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***Bits for sale update***

Rear axle - £120

Side Windows - £20 each

Rear Screen - £40

Shockers - £15 each

Full set of alloys in mint condition (5) - £180

Steering Rack - £60



Hi. I have PMd you regarding side windows.

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It's sad that the car looked a minta before it's shunt. I contacted them yesterday afternoon reference the Full Lock Set (including ignition barrel, doorlocks, Bootlid and key (No key for Fuel cap,)) - £70 inc delivery. Paid over the phone. The parcel arrived at 10:30 this morning.

They don't usually deal in cars this old, if you want anything from them before it goes to the carpark in the sky, I would contact them, very helpful and friendly.

One car passes on :( for another to live. :)

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I'll give this a free bump and just say that I have been up this weekend to get a couple of panels for the GT/J project.

The car is shortly due for the bailer and to be fair, it has yielded most of its bits, but Peter has the engine and box, a brilliant bootlid and what looks like a complete and perfect Berlinetta grey interior. There may be some other useful odds and sods there too so get in touch quickly with him.

His comany, Adam, Neil and the other lads couldn't have been more helpful, friendly and proffessional. A real pleasure to deal with all of you. Thanks!!

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