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Danish Manta B Cc Project.

Kent A

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I am a guy from Denmark who is getting ready to start on my manta project.

I had this manta for 8yo ago.


It was a 1978 with 2.0 turbo 150 hp

But it was very rusty and it was sold after about a year.

So I bought this after.


It was a 1987 1.8s GT with 2.0 CIH with 2.2 top 120hp
Lovely car without so much rust. but got family and house.
It was sold also

In 2007 I bought this.


It is a 1985 1.8s with 5-speed gearbox.

I would change it so that it will look like the blue I had first.
Same color, same spoiler.

But with these additions

Vectra A or Astra F board
Keskin kT1 9x16
Full black leather interior recardo from GT / E
Throttle injection system
up closable side windows behind.
2.5 "exhaust
reinforced body
60/80 lowering

But now it waits for that I have built my new garage. So I can get started.

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hello and welcome to the projects section ,nice selection of mantas you have had over the years . be great to see your progress :)

Thank you.

Yes it was some lovely cars. But unfortunately was one of them rusty and the red, I had to sell because I got family and house ..

I have started to buy parts for it.

Have just ordered a Lexmaul front spoile and blend plate between the taillights in Germany.

At the moment I look for used Throttle from any motorcycle or BMW.

Something megasquit ECU

Irmscher round headlights, but they cost a lot, so I'm thinking about putting something else on.

I bought these parts to it.

Vectra A dashboard

Vectra 2000 grille

-60/80 Low spring with hard oil shock absorber.

Irmscher rear bumper.

Kompelt Recardo seats from the GT / E

32 cm Raid steering wheel.

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Great project :) I am really interested to see how the Vectra A dash fits into the Manta — that will be very interesting.

Are there many Mantas in Denmark these days? I use to live in Copenhagen but never saw a Manta while I was there.

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My workshop is almost finished. so manta projects set off.
Engine: 1.8T
Color: peugeut 308 mokka grey
Interior: Caramel colored leather. With astra mrk 4 dash board
Wheel. 8.5x16 steel

Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.

Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.

Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.

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