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** Wanted - Kgf Classic Cars- Mint Manta's - Wanted**


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To be fair to the dealer if he offers you a price for your pride & joy that is what you believe it is worth then that is a good deal for you without going through the process of selling it on ebay.

If he then puts it on the market at double the price what he gave you & some daft member of the public pays close to that figure then you've got what you want & he's got what he wants.

A lot of members of the public who are after their first classic car will often go to a dealer rather than taking a chance privately.

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Hello all

Selling your car to KGF Classic Cars may not suit everyone for a number of reasons which could include:

1. Not knowing who the next owner of your car is

2. Feeling you have sold the car for less than it is worth

3. You enjoy selling cars!

4. Not agreeing with a business earning a profit

There are a number of owners who sell cars to us and some of the reasons for this are:

1. Dealing with potential buyers who do not proceed with the purchase or never had any intention of buying the car!

2. Strangers viewing the car at your home address

3. Avoiding uninsured test drives

4. Avoiding the many money scams

5. Lack of time

Another option is our Commission Sale service if you are not content with our cash offer. I found this forum post from a customer we sold a car for which will give you a useful insight into the concerns and the eventual outcome.

http://www.brick-yard.co.uk/forum/help- ... page1.html

To conclude, we love cars and our customers normally love cars too! (Please see our Facebook page to help prove this! Here is the link - http://www.facebook.com/KGFClassiccars

It would be great to hear from some Manta owners.

Best regards




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Hi Karl

As a trader advertising on this site for free, would you consider paying to advertise or give the club a fee if you indeed do buy some great cars and sell them on for a decent profit because of any response you get from this advert?

Forgive me if you do already support this site.



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Completely random, I was driving home yesterday in Balsall Common (near Cov) and saw a car with KGF on the side with a very nice tipper trailer. In the drive of the house was what looked like a MGF and AC Cobra (rep). I was telling my mate about this thread and there they were lol.

I agree though that a donation to the club would be very well appreciated, say for example an AC Cobra?? :D :thumbup


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I think he ought to {a} join the club {b} give us a donation, or have is adverts/posts removed.

But then I'm a miserable g1t. :ph34r:;)

Im also from S Wales and im miserable g1t too, maybe its in the water :P :thumbup


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