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Manta Hasn't Ran For 15 Years


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Hi guys,

Here's my Manta I just had delivered - it hasn't ran for 15 years or so I believe.

It appears to be pretty sound, arches, sills, doors, etc.

Just gotta clean the rat's nest and droppings out of the engine bay - the little blighters haven't made it into the cockpit, thankfully.

The car as a whole has stunk out my entire garage.

From what I can see, it's gonna need new panels.

What're the panel called that are under the front and rear bumpers?

Then it's onto extensive recomissioning.

Can someone please let me know if the below slideshow deosn't work?



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Hi Moonhead,

Nice to see another Manta A, surface for restoration, guess there are not many more to be found out there? Thats a serious rats nest! Had one under my A's rear seat, but not on that scale, just a few chewed up bags. The slideshow works fine, Looks in fair condition, from what can be seen on the body panels and chrome. Have you had a close look under the floor, sills, inner arches and at the chassis rails?

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Hi Moonhead

As Manta Mal says, nice to see another A series and also have a good poke around chassis rails etc.. as they usually go up near the bolt that secures the front cross member. Once you poke about you usually find more bits on a A that need sorting :-)

If your in need of parts i have been trying to add good places to get them from on my blog as i restore mine, which might help you out.


What's the plan for the car??


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Hi and Welcome.

Great to see another A comeing back to the road.

Unfortunatly parts in the uk are hard to find, but I would strongly recomend joining the club as club members do seem to have parts they may be willing to sell and you will get a welth of info on the car.

Most body panels can be got from germany just have a look on German Ebay, also have a good look through the Project section on the forum as it will give you a good idia of what to look for when checking your car over.

Good luck and please keep us updated on your progress.

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Hi again,

Just a little update for any interested parties.

I had planned to have it done by now!

I got as far as getting the engine out until getting knocked off my motorbike at reasonably high speed, which has put paid to any progress over the last 7 months.

Damn multiple injuries!

Anyway, the car has now finally gone out to have all structural welding on it done, the motor rebuilt and all the brake system recommisioned.

I was wondering though - can anyone tell me of where the chassis number is stamped?

I never had the V5 through and now have to reapply with no previous owner info.

Is it on the driver's sill (I can't physically check now as the car is at a workshop, but I'm going there tomorrow to check on its pogress so will look when I can)?

Many thanks

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On mine it was stamped just under the carpet by the drivers seat, between the seat and the drivers door there is a little flap in the carpet, lift that and the number is stamped in the floor pan.

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Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated.

Hopefully, all the recommissioning work will be completed within a month and an MOT undertaken.

On another note, I have a Chevy 350 engine and tranny (from a Buick Skylark) for sale, if anyone's interested (before I ebay it). I was gonna get it put into the Manta, but it's gonna be too expensive as I had plenty of time off work following my afformentioned bike crash (self employed, no injury protection insurance, what a dimwit!) and loss of earnings.

I guess I should head on over to the 'parts for sale section'.

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Thanks for all the advice, guys. Got the VIN just fine - it was indeed in a little channel in the slam panel.

The completed V62 is now winging its way to the DVLA.

Only another 3 weeks (I'm told) until it should be somewhere near roadworthy...

@spiney_norman; if there's any sort of issue with the V5, I'll give you a PM regarding the previous owner, if that's okay?


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