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Volvo Calipers


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Volvo 240 vented and sierra xr4x4 discs redrilled and middle opened out to fit the back of the manta hub, piping them up is fun and you get loads of travel and then lock up unless you use a bigger ms.

As Paul said, better brakes are available. I like cally t or vectra v6 calipers with cossie 2wd discs

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Bmw 3 Series E30 Type, 4 Stud Discs Fit Straight on.

Same P.C.D. as Opel,4x100.So no Redrilling Needed

But on the Manta front brake discs bolts to the back of the front hub and they have a mounting PCD of 92mm

If you fit a 100mm pcd disc onto the front of the hub over the studs your caliper will be a couple of inches away from lining up :unsure:

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Will calibra turbo calipers and carleton 2.2 disc combo work or do I need the cossies discs

Cheers brian

No you need cossie discs if you have 284mm calipers

Right sizes of disc and caliper should match to within a couple of mm


Late Calibra turbo turbo/4x4 288mm discs

Early Calibra/cavalier turbo/4x4 284mm discs

Volvo 4 pot 263mm

Astra 16v 256mm

Carlton 2.2 246mm vented discs

Manta B 246mm solid discs

Discs that have the correct offset as standard to fit the manta hub

Rwd cossie 283mm vented

Audi 80 256 vented

Carlton 246 vented

Manta 246 solid

You can also get a spacer made and run fwd vauxhall discs but that is more expensive

That allows 288 discs and calipers

So what works

early calibra and cossie

astra 16v and audi

carlton 2.2 and carlton 2.2

Volvo 4 pots can be used with 256mm discs but there is a bit of pad overhang. Personally don't like that idea but if you check them regularly and remove the overhang or get the chamfered edge pads then its ok as many people do run them.

Only the manta and carlton discs bolt on without modification, all the others need new mounting holes drilling and the centre bore opening up

All the calipers listed above just bolt on with no mods

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