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White Exclusive Coupe On Ebay

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Nail on the head Steve! Guy bid on it 4 minutes from the end then didn't respond for a week! I haven't even spoken to him directly, he just agreed to the cancellation within 5 minutes of submitting the request.

:angry: Why would you do that???

Open to sensible offers if anyone fancies it.

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PasMeTheGun wrote- open to sensible offers if anyone fancies it

Jack wrote - i would do anything to get that car as my first Manta

Think the two of you need to contact each other.....

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Why did I decide to buy a house this year? So many job offers and car offers have come this year..... typical. I really fancy putting all my good parts off the red hatch into a suitable coupe donor car (plus i need a decent engine for my B )....... sods law I guess :(

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