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Hi There From Melbourne Australia

Peter Teed

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Just thought I would drop in to say a quick "hi"! I have just become the new owner of a 1974 opel manta A,these cars are very rare here in Aus so will need a bit of help,its a solid car but in need of some restoration,a 1.9ltr auto in a dirty beige sort of a color,interior a bit ratty and definitely in need of some TLC. Anyway,Im sure I will have plenty of questions once I get organised and ascertain the true condition of the car after a bit of a tear down so will be back then.

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Manta A very rare in NZ as well, I know of one that's a LHD which was sold new to the USA and then taken to NZ, its sitting in a shed with rotten chassis legs :-(

A handful of Manta B / C in Aussie, I have sent parts over to two owners, one in Brisbane, the other in Perth (Lindsay who is on here now and again)

Other than that there are a few Manta A  in the Philippines where they were sold new. One Manta B as well, which would have been an import I guess. I get the odd e-mail from the guys over there looking for parts.


look forward to seeing some pics.



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Thanks for the welcomes,the morris on the pic isnt mine but I have 2 of them and one is intended to look like that when finished.Will get some pics up soon as I can get organised,just a few wrinkles to work out at present that have thrown the proverbial spanner in the works.

My curent stable of cars consists of-

Mazda 3 SP23

Holden Commodore VX series 2 S pack

1956 custom morris minor ute (work in progress)

1960 morris minor 2 door sedan (very rough)

1984 Toyota KE70 corolla

1959 Ford Prefect

Am currently trying to move some of these on so that I have room for the Manta

Again,thanks for the welcome and will be back soon..

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Hi there again,can any of you helkp me out,at the moment I am accessing the site through my facebook account b ut I cant see a lot of the pictures because it says I have to register but whenever I try to register through the site it says Im a scammer and wont accept my application and when I contact the email that is given it is just returned to me as undeliverable,not sure whats going on so in order to make full use of the forum,can someone help or advise.Thanks,Pete.

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Thanks for the info guys,if all works out car will be in my driveway tomorrow morning,then I can start getting some pics up if the site will let me.I do have one or two from the PO so if I can I will put them up now as a teaser.Looks like I am going to have many many questions,as you say,they are very rare over here and I think Im going to have some issues with parts,I am fully prepared to make some minor modifications,sorry to the purists,in order to be able to keep the car on the road here but they will be sorted as we go,still thinking the windscreen may be the biggest obstacle,Im looking at what may be the closest match here and then transferring the whole front windscreen aperture onto the front of the manta,if it does not affect the overall appearance considerably,anyhow,time will tell.Till later,Pete.

Ok,wont let me post pic so will sort that out for later!

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