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73 Manta A Resto


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If you aren't handy with a welder now, you will be by the end!

Hard to tell the extent of the rust, but if the chassis legs are in bad shape, I'd suggest bracing the body before stripping the axles etc.

Get a rotisserie thingy. It'll make things so much easier in the long run. Theres a few good A series resto threads here . And theres mine as well.

They'll give you a good idea of what to expect.

And don't be afraid to ask plenty questions! There are parts from other cars (Not many tho) that will bolt right on that are a lot cheaper than trying to get proper manta ones.

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Looks like you have your work cut out there!!

If you need any help or advise just shout as almost finishing my 10+ year rebuilt. And mine had hardly any rot compared to that.


If you need some A series parts links have a look on my blog as think i have quite a few of the good ones and also a few help sections from the workshop manual. (and can scan more if needed)





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Thank you very much guy's,

I think the first thing I need to do is get paid membership for this forum. That way I can see all the pictures everyone's putting up along with the other benefits.

I'm also in need of a key for the car. I have no keys but was wondering if its possible to get a key cut to suit the existing locks and barrel?



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Thanks Guy's,

I'm looking forward to getting started.

And can I just say, a big well done to you all for all the great work you have already done on your A's.

You have all given me inspiration for getting on with mine, and I feel more confident knowing the amount of knowledge that is within this forum.

Keep up the good work.

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 As i posted in your other thread, look past the greeen slime and that Manta A has a lot of pontential


 yes you will need to do welding ( i've seen much worse being saved ) and then repaint it, but there are an ever increasing number of panels available from germany ( sadly at a price ) and paint can be done by yourself or any quality body shop.


 Most immportantly you appear to have a complete car, you won't be hunting for all manner of trim and fittings, something you would find very hard to get.


Good luck and keep updating the thread and if you do start to wonder if it's all worth it it just speak to the rest of us in club, we'll give you addvice / support / take the piss etc !!!

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