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Two Lincoln Manta's Scrapped


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Friend told me this morning that he observed a scrap lorry turn up in his village near Lincoln and lift two Manta's on to a scrap lorry. Chains through the windows and winched on to the back of the truck.

East Midland members will know the guy and where? I'm not impressed. one was a gold 1.8 low mileage hatch which was immaculate 5 years ago until it was put on his front lawn and left.

Pizzed well off over this!!!!


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The 1800 Manta problem,


 It is next to impossible to pass them on to someone who is genunely going to restore them,


 I know of a few 1800 that have been bought, the purchaser full of tales about how they always wanted a Manta and how they are going to restore it, days later it is being broken on ebay so as the Little FU**ING WA**ER can have some beer money and effectively destroy a good Manta just to Pi$$ it up the wall.


 Some people would rather get money scrapping a 1800 than get mugged off by some little C**T !!!


 Though the best course of action would be to contact this club, and in the members section either dirrectly or if they are not a member then via a member, explain the situation and ask for help.

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Tricky situation can be. Sometimes genuine things happen, that people may not be aware of, the end result may not be what it seems. None the less it is a real shame if a manta gets scrapped. people will always try and make a pound regardless. I have approached people in the past about selling a car that needed saving only to be told a stupid price to pay for it. I am taking apart a car at the moment that was intended to be restored by a good owner, but life has changed over a few years for him where now a resto is not going to happen. The car is in a terrible state, front and rear floors rotten, front nose cone and valence sitting on the ground and the boot floor has rotted through, a posts c posts rotten. It is a coupe as well. Each time I work on it , I look at it and think can I save it yet? Best option I think is to brace the shell to keep strength and shape while I could source a floor pan from something else and graft it together...........Lot of work.

I have wondered if the club could pen a letter and send to an address where cars appear to be laying, to encourage the owner to do the right thing for the sake of the marque. I appreciate this might have someone think the value has suddenly shot up. On the other hand it may be the prompt someone needs. A follow up visit by an enthusiast may be the next thing to do after the letter. It could be an old lady whose husband has died and just needs the car out of the way. Doesn't happen often , but it does happen.

No easy fix at the end of the day. Very frustrating.

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It's a real shame especially as a lot of people on here definitely have the skills to save them a lot of the time. Just an idea but...


On an old forum I used to run I had some business cards made up, not for business as such, more an advertising card for the site. Maybe they would be a good idea for any 'Spotted' Mantas out and about? Here's a pic of what I had made up cheaply...




Perhaps they could be worded so as to 'Nudge' any potential sellers, scrappers, owners in general to join us here on the forum/club?

Something along the lines of:

Hi, a member of our club (Opel Manta Owners Club) has noticed your Manta. If you were looking for advice, to sell or to help preserve this increasingly rare car, please pay us a visit at MantaClub.org.


You can join us on our forum for free, and chat with like minded enthusiasts etc etc. More blurb...



Just an idea...It worked for us and never had any bad feedback.

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The guy who owned these Manta's knew all the local members and often came to the area meetings up to a couple of years ago! they are/were his cars and he has/had the right to do what he wanted with them legally. But bloody hell - why not ring one of us and offer them to us, I'm sure someone on here would have paid more than £160 scrap value. The 1800 was intact original, one owner car if I remember correctly. 

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I think the card is a very good idea. It is better than polite notes I have put on windscreens, it got a more professional touch. I have sold a couple of projects for the scrap value at the time rather than free to collect, just to stop un scrupulous types having them. Interesting suggestions / ideas , here.

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