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still window winder handle problem

halley cockburn

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I am just getting a chance to work on my manta again today and still could not get the window winder handle off , I pull it towards me and all i can see is a plastic sort of grey large washer but cant see any spring washer to remove, if anyone could give me a little bit more advise as dont want to break it lol thanks again

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you can also get a small flat head screwdriver and push it from the clip open end as you should be able to get the screwdriver in the slot the clip runs in and just pop it out. Easy when you have done it once :-)

If your still stuck let me know and i can take a pic of the winder as i have a spare one up in the loft.


Looks a lot like this.





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10 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Just be careful, as its springy, it can travel miles, or get stuck in your hair.

Once it goes, it goes, never to be found again.

Yep. I've done loads of them springs and even so a couple of weeks ago I took one off and it headed for the moon never to be seen again:lol:

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