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3.2 manta


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This is not my car but looking for a manta 

Was offered this manta but to far away for me 

The manta is the top end of Scotland, post code IV36 2RW 

Running a 3.2 engine with a stand alone ECU with a stage 1 map

Requires some welding (Dont they all)

The owner wants £2,700 which is a good price 

if interested text or call Danny on 07780980371

Just to clear this is not my manta,l have been offered if



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Lots of places will collect and deliver for you, I had mine collected from quite a distance, you can put the details in www.shiply.com and people will bid for the job, I paid 300 to get mine to me.

Trouble is you would be going off pictures at best, I was lucky as I bought off a long standing member on here.

Unless you could get someone local to have a butchers for you.

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Distance buying is a risk, bought a wee 1.8 hatch out of London, shipped to ireland, £200, not bad, car was a bargin, 1/8 of the true value, even had a member reccomend it, wasnt disapointed, my decision based on few photos, risky or what. 

3.2 pics wanted! ( not again ! )

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Hi to all just got the iPad back have got some photos on my phone.dont know how to put on this sites.so someone can send me their phone number and I can WhatsApp them to your phone and poss load up to this site.can pm but be patient as l will have to work it out.

Or you can get information from the owner on the phone number in the add as he will send photos of the manta to you 

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