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Key blanks for Manta B/C and Ascona B


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I have a number of different key blanks for sale, all are profile AB (the most common profile for Mantas).

Pattern key blanks, all metal (centre of photo). £4 each
Pattern key blanks with plastic head. £12.50 each
Genuine Opel key blanks with plastic head and tab for key number. GM number 08983724, Opel 1 38 772.   £20 each  4 sold!
Genuine Opel key blanks without head (Edelschmeide can supply a plastic key head). GM number 90003985, Opel 1 38 769. £12.50 each
- Link to Edelschmeide's key heads: https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Doppel-Reparatur-Set-fuer-zwei-Schluessel-Schluesselheft-aussermittig-Opel-div




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No problem.

You can still make up very genuine-looking Opel ones by getting the key head from Edelschmeide (link in the ad above) and the metal part of the key (90003985) from me if you want to do it that way.

Alternatively, I have some plastic headed pattern keys for £12.50. There's no Opel logo but they have a similar shape.

PM me how you'd like to do it.


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Hi nick. Do you know where can I get a ignition barrel for my manta with the AB profile?

I've got an ab profile for the doors and boot but at some point one of the previous owners changed the ignition barrel for a later version, so I've got two different keys now.


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Hi Luis,

It's not quite as simple as that, I'm afraid, as there are (IIRC) 500 different AB profiles, so you need to find an ignition barrel with the same profile number as your current key set. You can't buy the ignition lock from Opel anymore, and if you buy from a supplier in Germany who happens to have one you'll get a random AB profile and so be back to the same problem as you're in at the moment.

Assuming both the ignition and doors are both on AB profiles, if you're handy with things like locks, you could always try to convert your existing door and boot locks to match the ignition key profile. Swapping tumblers around in your door/boot locks is easy, just remember what you started with! The filler cap is almost impossible to re-code, so you'd still have the filler cap as your old profile but you can either leave it unlocked or use your old key just for the filler cap (which is something you only use occasionally). I did this on my Manta rebuild a couple of years ago and it worked out nicely.

But to be honest, if you really want to have a single key for your car, I'd get a used full set of locks from someone breaking a Manta.


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Hi John,

Unfortunately, no. I have only AB blanks as that's what all my cars use.

I checked German suppliers for you and there's only one seller offering genuine Opel J series blanks, but he's a chap who's notoriously difficult to deal with and no one I know has managed to get anything out of him (he wants to do a full restoration on your car or nothing...). If you're feeling lucky, and can speak German (he only deals over the telephone), I can let you have his contact details. Best I can offer, I'm afraid.



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Hi John, I had a pair of J Series keys made by these folks:

K.L.C.K Ltd Specialist Vehicle Locksmits
Unit 5, The Freehold Centre
Amberley Way
Hounslow,  Middlesex
TW4 6BX 
Tel: 0208 8143260       Web: klck-ltd.com
I dealt with an extremely helpful lady by the name of Toni.  With shipping to Canada the keys were £43 for the pair.
Not genuine Opel but but pretty honest looking replicas.
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Hi Nick,

Totally off topic, but browsing Pistonheads tonight I came across a post about Mantas, and I wondered whatever happened to you, googled Nick Webb and Opel Manta and ended up here.

Interested to see that the Manta I spent so many Saturday afternoons polishing (before chip butties and Dukes of Hazzard) was still alive in 2008.

Not sure if this is allowed, but my e-mail address is markhissey@hotmail.com if you fancy a catch up - could take a while, I think it's been at least 25 years!

Best Regards


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Dear Nick

I would like to check if you still have some key blanks of GM number 08983724, Opel number 1 38 772 and if yes, how many?
Alternatively, how many do you have of GM number 90003985, Opel number 1 38 769?

Would you also deliver them to Switzerland?

Thanks in advance for your reply and best regards,

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