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Which paint stripper.

Kent A

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4 hours ago, GTEPETE said:

.......But understand aircraft spec paint stripper is still the best stripper available...but need protective gear to wear...

We use to use this stuff to remove a thick adhesive from the undercarriage attachment lugs on Jaguar Aircraft. Very efficient and as you say very toxic and damaging to skin. We had to keep applying it every 15 - 30 mins to soften it up but nothing else would come anywhere near it. The aircraft painter CO tried to stop us using it, trying to use COSHH as a reason, but when we told him we need two of his staff on evenings to apply the paint stripper he backed down and allowed us to carry on. We then had to use MEK to clean the area, so PPE was essential otherwise you would be high as a kite with a massive headache 30 mins later.

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I've been trying a little bit with something called nitromors. I sand the paint mat with sandpaper and lay a layer of 2-3mm nitromors. Wrap it in plastic and leave it to work for the next day. It seems to work just fine.


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