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1976 Manta 1.9 Auto Coupe

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Following the sad loss of mantaman I have now bought his old 1976 Manta 1.9 Auto Coupe. My wife has fallen in love with it and the plan is most definitely to return it to the road and keep it. 

I have a selection of cars and I am best know on the Autoshite forum as Six-cylinder.

I don't have any photo of the Manta on a photo storage site to post here.

Which is the best free site to load photos to to get them linked here?


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Hi and welcome,

just got a manta which the heater motor did not work 

removed the motor got it working 

Try to refit it just jammed on the bulk head

posted on here and found that the motor was fitted the wrong way round ( not by me originally)

posted on here now all good 

well worth the price 

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On 07/08/2021 at 07:39, Sutty2006 said:

Hey you made it! Welcome along Chris! There are plenty of helpful folk lurking around this place, a fountain of knowledge is all included in the membership fee! 😂👍

Membership purchased.

Not much to show yet as I was not there when it arrived. It was pushed up to a hedge and getting dark by the time I reached it. Weekend 21/22 Aug I have some friends from the Autoshite forum coming over, I am hoping we can assess it and maybe even get it started.

IMG_20210805_193418 broad.jpg

IMG_20210805_193434 broad.jpg

IMG_20210805_193606 broad.jpg

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