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Mk1 Cavalier


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Back in 1983 my Dad bought a yellow 2000GL Mk 1 Cavalier and we went all over the country and to the South of France (Mum crashed it on the way back)

This is me helping in about 1986 :rolleyes:


I always joked to him if I saw a good yellow Cav I would get it...so I did,. I bought this a year ago just before working away for a while then moving house etc so didnt get much chance to do anything until recently.

Was a 2 owner 38K 1600 GL but as my dads was a 2 litre I sold the 1600 and was given a good rebuilt 2 litre (Thanks Cavtastic) and got it sorted this week. Was last MOT'd in 1996 and has only done 4000 miles since 1994 when the previous owner got it was trailered to shows.

I have fully serviced it, new brakes etc all oils changed and new tyres, massive amount of cleaning and polishing but no welding no major jobs other than the engine change through choice. Will be at Billing this year and will be our wedding car in the future.


Painting its 'Mouth' to blacken it a bit.



Towbar fitted like my Dads plus I have a classic Caravan to use with it (yeah I know, I know)


Badge changed, but need a better one, its a bit pitted



Boot is clean for a 30 year old car



Few pics from last night with Andys Sportshatch after he made a stainless fuel pipe for me (Thanks again Andy)







Need to paint the engine bay but ran out of money for now, was either paint or MOT so no contest, MOT booked for Wednesday.

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that looks to be an absolute beauty mate. i should have a front number plate bracket you can have for free if you want to complete the front end original look? look forward to seeing it at billing.

That would be good, I moved the plate down as it was too high, now it looks too low. Im planning on new period plates for it so can fit it then. Cheers

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Only things planned are a bit of paint under the bonnet, inner wings etc and if I am REALLY picky there are a couple of bits in the door corners but other than that its polish and more polish!

If its a mint show car I wouldnt dare dry it as it is its good enough to turn heads and looks shiney and gets more attention than a 20K Mondeo

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Taxed it today so came back from work in it, then went for a drive out this evening, have done about 120 miles in it today!

Its good to drive quite pokey and everyone stares at me... well the car, I hope!! :blink:

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Washed all the flies and moths off the front today only to find a 4mm stone chip down to bare metal on the nose!!!!!

Was deliberatly staying away from other cars to avoid such a thing but got one anyway ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

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