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Exclusive Coupe.


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Bonny motor, and its still cheaper than whit my i200 cost back new in 84. but on the other hand another 4K on top and you could have awe NEW Astra VXR :rolleyes: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Thought!! WID BUY THI MANTA :thumbup

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That car was sold at billing last year by a mate of mine. I wanted it a lot, it was owned by a well known fanatical manta fan. It is probably in the top 5 of exclusive mantas i have ever seen. well worth it :thumbup

And it was sold for quite close to that priceO, by the time you factor in the cost of getting it to this side of the water, there is very little in the price! So this isn't a case of the Irish bumping up prices either!

My dad wanted it too when he seen it at Billing, but just missed it and ended up with the with lhd one instead.

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any one who buys this car will not be dissapointed, i sold this car last year for the owner and its mint, original tyres as well.if you want to buy a welded and painted car this is not for you. this is the best original example i have seen since 1987 :)

car was never on ebay for sale :)

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