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Few Nice Pics Of My Ascona 400R


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Have looked back and not sure if i posted any new shots of my car.... if so then apologies ... some difference between a professional photo and a good oul iphone photo... done all the work myself bar the spraying, car needed absolutely no welding or repair patches.

Decided to paint her a different colour than white as i already own a white one also so definately don't need 2 of them the same colour.... though must admit they do look well in white. As the majority of people paint them white these days i decided to go a little more radical with the paint.. not everyones taste but i like it - hard to please everyone i guess.

Also went for the PIAA lamp pod yet again to break away from the norm of 4 cibies, and the 9" ATS alloys breaking away from the white revolution look... wanted something a little different from everyone else as there seems to be so many replica 2 door Ascona's floating about now, especially over here in Ireland.

Hope to head to Billing some of these years, just been too busy this last few years to go....





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Cheers guys.... yea others aren't sure on the lamp pod either.... and thats cool as opinions are welcome. Thing is i never saw one done before on an Ascona so guess i am the first to try it and i do think it looks well. So unlikely to see another done like it. Just saw so many cars before all done the same... wanted to try something different.

Below is my first build, thus why i wanted to try something different with the orange car...


p.s - yea i know i went overboard with the cibies.....lol

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Is the car in the background the orange car before you started work on it?


No sir, the car in the background is another i own... was a lhd but i put a rhd bulkhead in her and havn't got around to finishing her yet... hopefully get around to finishing her as a wee standard road car next year....

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Hello ,

Seeing your white Ascona in Total Vauxhall a few years ago made me get my Ascona. I've gone for the road car unarched look though . It's the same Polar white as yours and running a 2 litre ecotec on honda blackbird carbs. It sits really low on Compomotive AT rims and I use this car as my daily driver. You were right in the magazine article in saying these cars get a lot of attention wherever you go.


I wonder how many Asconas are left in England and Ireland......

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