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Hovis Is For Sale


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Love it! It looks like a lot of works gone into this!

Anyone know the car/owner and which build thread it is?

(Those inner chassis legs on pic 3 look like they've seen some action! :P )

*EDIT* Just read the entire thread... Epic paintwork for a home respray! Nearly tempted as I'm missing my Manta...

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No the auction ran its course, had some real heroes wanting to do swops, it's still for sale but I'm not giving it away, wanting to fund another, no I'm not mad !!!!

Ah that's a shame! You've put a lot of hard work into Hovis, and I thought someone would have snapped your hand off!

Did you ever get the 40's running ok, and the spark plug issue sorted?

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well after discussions with Mick (casper1483) we decided on a deal and i bought his Manta (hovis).

Drove it home in very wet weather to Bristol from Milton Keynes & parked it up in its new home yesterday.

heres a couple of pics in its new home



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The carbs do sound awsome, however i have just purchased some filters to stop anything disappearing into the carbs.


I've got a few small issues to sort & one i sorted when i had a play with my new toy yesterday.

Mick told me about the rear number plate light not working due to the brass strip that makes contact with the bumper corroding to nowt. I have now repaired that & got that working.

Carbs still seem to maybe running a little rich but overall ok.

All gauges work ok apart from the temp gauge which only just reads into the blue despite the engine running at the correct temp. It appears a new sensor has been fitted so it could be the gauge.

My wife thinks i am mad having two Manta's but they are both different cars, one being an unmodified 1980 SR Berlinetta & the other being a modified 1976 SR Berlinetta.

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Glad this has gone to a good home. Re: the temperature sensor, does it have a black band? I put the wrong one on my 1600 (I think it was white) and had the same problem with the gauge under reading. Swapped it for a genuine GM one from Andy Clears and the gauge now sits right in the middle where it should. I have a spare brand new temp gauge for a GTE type dash if you need one.

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Thanks for the info on the sensors.

It appears to have a black band and although the interior of the car is from an exclusive the gauges are the earlier orange needled type from an SR.

Hi Mick

when i got her home i chamoised it off & she's now sat in a dry garage.

My 24 year old son thinks its the dogs & wants me to leave him the car in my will :)

Hoping the weather is dry on the weekend as i cant wait to take it out for a spin.

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Hi Dave

Re carbs: I ran twin carbs on my A series and they use to run a bit rich as it was hard to get the right balance on them as the air flow suffers a bit with inlet and exhaust on the same side.

The best setup was a little rich on low speed but spot on when you put your foot down!

What filter did you buy? I tried a few sorts and settled on one of the big dome ones, it was a bit of a squeeze to fit on the A, but some of the other ones did strangle it a bit as weren't so free flowing.

I followed the thread and it looks like a nice car you have there :-)


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