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New Project, 400 Rep


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I just can't stop looking at it. :wub:  :lol: The way you've fitted that kit is superb, sure I've said that before, but it really does look a damn good job.


Wish I had the enthusiasm like I used to, so I could put a 400R together...but It's long gone unfortunately. Keep up the great work for when you sell it to me, cheers  :mellow:  :lol: In all seriousness, great work.

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Is she painted yet ??? Was talking to big Ron about her !!!

It's been at the painters the past 5 weeks, just waiting on a phone call. Was hoping to get her to billing this year but she won't make it now, plus I haven't been well for the past few months, off sick from work the last 5 weeks as well. I can't even drive at the moment ffs..

When I get her back I will get her sorted so she will be ready for next year.

Who's Ron by the way lol..

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Billing all booked for me, thought I wasn't going to get at one point as I am not aloud to drive at the moment, but some friends helped to make it possible.. Me and the wife are flying over sat 11th and being collected by friends at the airport. Should be at billing for 11am on..

Will be calling round to the Omoc stand to check out all your cars and maybe put a few faces to names..

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