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Rust free coupe shell

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13 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

Is patched underneath though. If room had not been cut, I would be having a go with that.

Pretty sure its a piece let in but just not invisibe, rather than an overlap patch. Although its been a while since i looked at the shell in Shauns unit

Agree about the roof especially looking at the inner brace it was a none sunroof to start with. But back in the day a sunroof was seen as an upgrade by people :huh:

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Should have laid the bit they cut out in the boot, to be stitched back in? 

Are my eyes wrong, or is there more patches on drivers side, usual places, above jacking points etc. 

Interesting bench mark, thats a bench mark before, glass, parts, rebuild, primer, prep, paint and all the rest of the wee, headache jobs. 

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