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Manta B Steering Column Combination Switch

Jonathan Pounsett

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3 hours ago, 1200bandit said:

Sometimes we have dead rats on the engine bay,under trays 

See rat shit in side the engine bay quite regular 

Not had a live one yet

Watch out for rodents in your car - I don’t know why but they like eating electrics 🤷‍♂️

Also you need to be careful not to catch Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease)! 

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We do have disposable gloves and face coverings 

Do not clean or disturb the rat shit.

We also report it as “since you did the service it’s not running right “as rats do like wiring 

Find most of the shit around the battery, oil filler cap

When some costumers find they feel dirty but not thing they can do


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3 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

My new one arrived, it’s definitely NOS, but does not come with the ind stalk. I did not realise up to now they are just mechanical and click in 😊

That’s good.

There are at least two types - the one @Troubled Taff gave me doesn’t accept my stalk! Do you know if your supplier has any more?

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On 27/02/2022 at 11:46, Troubled Taff said:

Ok what are we looking for here? Any way I can tell what you need?





Sorry for the delay @Troubled Taffits been a long week!

The two in the photo above look the same as the one you gave me. My original is on the left in all the photographs below;

On mine the Hazzard light button is translucent - it looks as though they considered illuminating it.


The plastic is all black where the indicator stalk locates and the wiper switch has 3 stops (intermittent, slow and fast). 


I don’t think the stalks are interchangeable as mine doesn’t “click” into position in your hole 😳



From the back mine has a lot less black plastic.


The connectors look the same.



I could just try another stalk but I’d like to retain intermittent, slow and fast if I can



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