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Hi all! New member here.

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Hi Steve and welcome!

I’m looking forward to seeing some photos of your A. 😀 I had an A around the same time as you but didn’t modify anything on it but there will be plenty of advice coming from others I’m sure. Good Luck.

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6 hours ago, stevetracsport said:

My first car in 1984 was a Manta A, i have just returned to the fold and bought another!

Whats the best way to upgrade the front brakes these days?

Hey Welcome back to Manta ownership and the forums 🍻👍

Modded Audi 80 brake discs from Mantasport and Astra GTE calipers is the easiest route now. 

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Thanks all! The car came from London where it had been garaged since the early nineties. I'm after a front spoiler but I assume very rare now.

A couple of pictures from 1984/5 at the drag races Stratford-upon-Avon with my first manta, around the same time I also had a monza blue berlinetta and yellow SR, the white one  cost £500.00 the other two a couple of hundred each!



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Nice early Berlinetta in the best colour. I think reproduction spoilers are available, althought the only UK model thatcame with them was the Turbo.

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