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Hi, I have just re-joined after an absence of many years.  I still have the same car that I was a member with last time.  I have an Irmscher Exclusive which has been tucked up in my garage for the last 20 years and hopefully in the next year or so will be re-commissioned once my husband has finished the Consul, Mustang and Ford Pop!  It needs the sunroof and chassis rails sorting, a few dents and probably a re-spray.  I'm hoping it will be back on the road when it's tax exempt although that's four years away, depends on how expensive my road car tax gets.  It did get 3rd place at Billing in best original, not sure what year but it was over 20 years ago.

It was on the Exclusive Register in the past, does this still exist?

We also have an 1800 automatic Berlinetta that was bought to use for the body shell but discovered rightly or wrongly these are quite rare so thought it best not to cannibalise it.  It's going to get enough work done (it's joined the queue mentioned above) on it to get an MOT then will be up for sale. 

Anyway that's me.


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Thank you.  Not sure how to answer you individually so all replies are here!

Steve - I will try to dig out the photo from Billing.  I will uncover the car and take a picture in the garage.  The Berlinetta we have only had for a few years, got stopped by the Police driving it home after buying it and once we were nearly home the exhaust fell off.  

Wayne, there was a register but Paul says it doesn't exist any more, shame.

All previous photos are from before the digital age, I bought the car in May 1996, I've dug out my folder on the car and I attended Billing with it in July 1999.  I will scan the old photos and take some new ones.

Thanks Paul, time flies, first time I have been referred to as senior, strange how one's mind doesn't register that.


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Hi Perry, great to have you back again. I’m probably also one of those ‘senior’ members as I’ve had Mantas for over 30 years, having bought my first when I was in my teens. Don’t worry though, I don’t think of myself as a senior either! 

It would be great if you find some photos, as some of us will no doubt remember the car. I’ve got all the Manta Magic magazines so I wonder if it was ever featured?

I hope you have good luck with the Berlinetta, but it sounds as though you have some good skills in the family!  I’m sure you will find folks very helpful on here with advice and also with finding parts.

There are a few members in your area, and some of them have owned Mantas for years too, so make yourself known and I’m sure they will say hello.



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Thanks Paul, trying to remember when we bought the first one, white GTE, it was only a couple of years old when we got it but the previous owner had not looked after it too well.  When we sold it the chap who bought it said to me that once you had had a Manta and sold it you would always want another which was why he was buying it.  Then true to form I bought the Exclusive.  The chap who was selling it on behalf of a friend advertised it as a gold one, when we got there he was very apologetic and said he was mistaken with the colour, he had washed it and the "gold" turned out to be dust, hence my Dolphin Grey Exclusive.

I don't think it was ever featured in Manta Magic.

If there are Mantas in my area they are not being driven around, haven't seen any about for years.

Thanks cam.in.head, not sure about the wisdom but definitely experience and cheaper car insurance, the insurance is now cheaper than the tax! 

I have spent some time doing battle with my printer trying to get it to scan a photo but apparently it thinks its not connected to the computer even though it is, finally it has complied so hopefully a photo of the Exclusive should appear as it was.


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I attach here photos, over 20 years on and waiting for some TLC.  Also the Berlinetta that is also awaiting some TLC, but not so much, it will be just to get it through an MOT and will then be up for sale.  Something has to go, we currently have 9 vehicles!





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