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4 minutes ago, H-400 said:

Nice car, though not a 4 speed, looks like a 5 speed.   That seatbelt mount was also used in the older Manta's but usually with a soft cover. 

I wonder if they changed the gear shifter to the newer type 🤔 why would you change the seat belt mount, strange one.

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Guys......sold within 10hrs of listing, I reckon that dealer might actually know what he's talking about.....he's documented everything, it's like a copy of war & peace. Great to see a club car going to another enthusiast too.

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Exceptional car this one, not surprised it sold quickly, I had first refusal on it from the current owner but just couldnt make it work in the timeframe unfortunately,

Hey. Ho.

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10 hours ago, bris jas said:

Nice looking car and some good pic's, whats going on with the drivers seatbelt mount on the inner cill?

I think the spring is missing - it should be pulled back down to the floor so rear seat passengers don’t trip over it. 

9 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

15 inch wheels ? 

It's not original, lightly breathed on.

Brakes are upgraded too, 

I do like this glass, green tinted. 

I think the add said the original sale paperwork showed some optional extras. 

I think better brakes are permitted under OMOC rules 😂

Did chrome bumper cars ever have black badges?

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