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Help with oil pressure sender part number please


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Hi there.

Can someone here please let me know a part number for the correct oil pressure sender/sensor/switch for a '73 1.9, RHD Manta?

I have read everything I can find here and elsewhere and several options have surfaced. I just don't know which is the right one for me!

Better still, if you have one for sale, please let me know.

(Trying to work out why gauge flips right over to max+ as soon as ignition goes on - there's some reference here but for a 'skilled-owner' fix. As I have zero car-fixing skills, I need to source any possible parts involved ready for a visit to the workshop)

Thank you 🙂




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3 hours ago, LostSoul said:

Trying to work out why gauge flips right over to max+ as soon as ignition goes on -

That's usually down to corroded connectors  on the pressure sender (behind the exhaust manifold) or the wires to it have been damaged by heat from the manifold  just clean up the electrical connections and check the wiring and it should fix the issue.

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yes 100% on all the above answers.  hard to find a used one or even the correct new one but usually its the wires / and or the connections. dont know what access is like on the 'a' but its all doable on a b without having to remove anything.a short or shortened spanner helps a lot .obviously removing the exhaust front pipe or manifolds makes it a hell of a lot easier but its more work and gaskets and ive always managed without !

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