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Breaking Manta?


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picked up this manta,havent had a right look round it yet,looks solid in bits,might be a shame to break,but f/panel is in exc cond,and mine isnt,needed for my project

wings look v/good

bonnet exc

f+r bumpers


int good,except drivers bolster

no eng or g/box

rear quarter v/good

f+r lights

glass etc

tailgate rusty on inside

pass door rough

drivers door seems good

as i say havent checked over all yet

open to offers,will post pics of seperates later

here is car though




cheers colin

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basically bought it for f/end,it is as good as new,other than getting new panels this is the best for me,since blasting my coupe there are parts this car will donate,

what im going to do is def take off f/end,if then i can get other bits then ill maybe put car up as project

i know it looks good,not been underneath yet,other peoples car may benefit from me breaking this?


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Hi Colin,

I could be interested in the whole car (if cheap enough) depending on what condition the chassis is.

I have piles of spares including decent wings and a complete good front end so could do some kind of deal?

Just an idea but see what you think. Been looking for a decent hatch shell in Scotland for ages now...



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hi collin its steve this is my old manta , i sold it to a chap up your end of the woods 2 yrs ago .He was going to make it into a rally car . the car was in good condition except for thr scabs on the door , underneath was at the time brilliant shame to break it ? i got rid of it and thats when i bought my coupe cheers steve

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feeling really guilty now :( wish i hadnt put up pics

problem i have is unless i buy a new f/panel,i dont believe anyone has a better one without work,also ive taken option of not putting 24v back since this car will donate all metalwork that was cut away for conversion as im not happy with it,after that who knows,someone could stick there old panel on

yes steve ,lad just stays along road,car been sitting doing nothing,still possibly same cond,so u see my dilema


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Hey Colin

Completely understandable m8. I pm'ed you before seeing your last post. The thing is: if the front is removed via the spot welds?

It's still a saveable motor. The front I have needs cleaned up, so it's no good for you. Such an ideally project car too!



PS what enegine are you putting in it? four cylinder CIH or redtop.

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have decided to break it,there is an awful lot of bits needing welded when u start lifting carpets,etc,chassis rails inner wings ,ok everything can be sorted,but f/panel was main part,

hopefully other members might want other good bits for them to keep there motors going?


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hello well im sorry to hear its goin to the grave. but i can offer a good home to the distributor if your let me. I have heard of the GT/e distributor and coil pack being installed.on old opel manta a's and working. i have a silly french delco remy and cant find any eletronic ingnition kits for it. but im told these are compatible with my car. happy to take a chance and find out do you have any pictures?

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Hi Colin email sent reference the heater fan :thumbup

Do you still have the brake distibution valve that sits on top of the left chassis leg near the bulkhead, inside the engine bay. And possibly the handbrake lever (mine got bent and squashed in garage :blink::unsure::blink: )



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